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Hurricane insurance (especially in Miami and other cities in Florida) is exceptionally beneficial for homeowners to own. When a hurricane hits, thousands of dollars of damage should be covered under a hurricane insurance policy. However, many insurance companies will downplay the damage in an attempt to pay less than what’s specified in the contract. Therefore, it’s no surprise that insurance providers will make offers that do not coincide with their contractual obligations. So what can you do when this happens?

Refuse to Sign

The number one mistake people make when their insurance company offers an underwhelming sum is to sign a contract. When an insurance provider offers a lowball amount, they will often have the insured sign a waiver releasing them from any future liability under the previous contract. This means the company is attempting to give you a low amount while you sign away your right to more money. Therefore, it can be challenging (but not impossible with the right representation) to fight for a higher recovery after you sign and accept a sum.

If you are asked to sign a contract for your recovery amount but are unsure of the legal stipulations of that contract, contact us for a free consultation concerning your case.

Hold Out for More

In some situations, insurance companies will create “recovery plans” that disperse low amounts of money every month in an attempt to get you to take a lowball lump sum. Rather than accept your low monthly sum or settle for less than the agreed amount, you can hold out and refuse both offers. You have no obligation to sign for an amount less than your contractually agreed upon recovery. Therefore, refusing to take the first or second offer from an insurance company can lead to a more significant recovery amount in the end.

Get Morgan Law Group

Maybe you don’t have time to wait for the insurance company to get on board with your plan, or maybe you have pressing needs that must be met now. In either case, The Morgan Law Group P.A. can help! Our firm has fought insurance companies for more than 25 years, which means we know their tricks and we know how to win. We put the pressure on insurance companies rather than allowing them to put the pressure on you. If you want results, you want Morgan Law Group on your side!

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