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At The Morgan Law Group, our insurance claims attorneys in Florida represent home, condo, and business owners throughout the state after they have fire damage, and subsequently met with recovery resistance from their insurance provider.

Fires are both physically and emotionally devastating and can change our clients; lives without notice. And when they do, the last thing they need is their insurance company providing any response other than, “How can we help?” Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Fire Damage May Move Quicker Than Your Recovery Options

Home, condo, or business fires are unpredictable, dangerous, and move very fast. In fact, a major fire can grow from a small flame in a matter of seconds, making the fire immediately uncontrollable without professional help.

At floor level, the heat from fire starts around one hundred degrees and quickly rises to six hundred degrees by eye level, which can scorch more than your home but can cause serious injuries or even death to occupants who were unable to escape immediately.

Black, thick smoke develops almost instantly, which can cause bodily injuries and devastate an entire home, condo, or business quickly — even after the fire is extinguished.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a fire department responded to fire approximately every 24 seconds in the U.S. last year, including a home fire every 93 seconds, a home fire injury every 43 minutes, and a home fire death every three hours and ten minutes.

How Much Damage Does the Average Fire Cause in Florida?

Each home, condominium, or business fire is unique, and depending on the structure, the contents affected, and the overall destruction, which may include that from smoke, flames, or the water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire, will determine your total losses and how they are presented to the insurance company.

The National Fire Protection Association reported that last year across the country, 481,500 structure fires resulted in $12.3 billion in property damage, accounting for an average loss of $25,545 per fire.

Getting the compensation you need to fully cover your unique fire’s expenses will be dictated by the way your insurance company interprets the language in your insurance policy and responds to your overall damage

Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between what your insurance coverage provides, how your damages are evaluated, and what your insurance company is willing to pay.

If your home, condo, or business has been damaged in a fire, and the insurance company is delaying, undervaluing, or outright denying your financial recovery, contact our Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group today for help.

How Can I Preserve My Property Before a Fire Occurs?

Smoke alarms can help alert occupants to the first sign of a fire, which can save both your property and your life.

Keeping fire extinguishers in the kitchen can also help put out small fires almost immediately, at the source where the most house and condo fires begin: While cooking.

Next, consider installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in your residence or business to help extinguish any type of fire, any time, whether you are inside the premises or not.

Finally, make digital copies of your valuable documents, including birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, and receipts or valuations for the property throughout your home, and maintain a list of your insured property and keep it in another location, so it cannot be destroyed by a fire or another disaster and can help build your insurance claim for success.

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