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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida car accident attorneys know that when our clients are hurt in vehicle collisions, they may not immediately understand the full impact of their injuries.

The most common reason for delayed injury symptoms from a car accident is adrenaline.

Adrenaline is the body’s way of maintaining control of the situation.

That may include increased energy and the flow of oxygen, which improves strength because of the improved blood flow to the muscles.

These same endorphins the body produces to protect you during a traumatic event also affect the way accident victims respond to pain and stress.

Simply put, accident victims may not start feeling pain after a car accident until the adrenaline wears off, directly delaying the injury signs and symptoms that tell them something is physically wrong.

What are the Most Common Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident?

At Morgan Law Group, our Florida car accident attorneys cannot impress upon our clients enough how important it is to seek medical care directly after a traffic accident occurs.

Medical care is paramount to an injured person’s recovery — whether they know if they are hurt or not — to ensure all injuries are identified and their damages are minimized after a proper treatment plan is put in place.

We also understand that seeking care may seem unnecessary when the adrenaline from the crash plays tricks on the mind and body, leading to our clients suffering delayed injury signs and symptoms.

Some of the most common delayed injury symptoms after a vehicle collision in Florida may include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches

Headaches can be a sign of significant delayed injuries, including a concussion, head or neck injury, or blood clot on the brain that can be life-threatening.

  • Back or Neck Pain

Delayed back or neck pain can be a sign of whiplash, herniated disc(s), spinal injury, or other soft tissue damage.

  • Abdominal Pain

Delayed abdominal pain can signal a hernia, internal bleeding, or organ damage that can be increasingly painful and even deadly.

  • Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling in the extremities can be a sign of whiplash that follows the initial soreness and stiffness caused by the crash.

  • Changes in Behavior

Signs of behavioral changes — even subtle ones — could be the brain’s way of indicating there is a problem. A brain injury is the third leading injury related to car accidents and can lead to personality changes as well as memory problems, vision or hearing issues, or depression.

How Can Morgan Law Group Help Me Pursue Financial Recovery After a Florida Car Accident With Delayed Injury Symptoms?

If you have sought medical care for delayed injuries, talk to our skilled personal injury attorneys in Florida about your crash.

If you have not signed a release of liability with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or settled your claim, we may be able to help you pursue the negligent party for your full financial recovery.

Contact Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida for a Free Consultation

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