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When a Florida home, condo, and business suffers damage from a hurricane, fire, or flood, one of the first things most people do is contact their insurance company for help.

After years of paying for insurance coverage each month, the only thing they expect in return is for their policy to fully cover the damages they sustained from the storm or other catastrophe that is going to require potentially extensive repairs to return to its previous integrity.

Once the policyholder contacts the insurance company, they will open a claim that will track the complaint, assessment, damages, estimates, and coverage agreement going forward.

That process begins with the insurance company sending an adjuster out to assess the damages.

How Will the Insurance Adjuster Assess My Florida Home, Condo, or Business Damage?

One of the first steps when filing an insurance claim in Florida includes your coverage provider sending an insurance adjuster to inspect your property, review the damage, and ask questions about the damage and condition of the property before the harm occurred.

After the adjuster submits a report regarding your claim, your insurance company may issue a settlement based on how they interpreted the damages. Keep in mind, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, so he or she may assess the damage in a way that favors their employer’s best interests.

In turn, you can provide estimates obtained by doing your own research and inquiries into the costs of repairing the damage to pursue a fair settlement.

However, it may not make a difference in how the insurance company responds.

Whether your insurance policy outlines your coverage as either replacement costs — which gives you funds to cover the costs to rebuild or repair damages — or actual cash value — which gives you funds to repair or rebuild – the insurance adjusters assessment may be for much less than what the damages actually cost.

That may include delaying, undervaluing, or outright denying your insurance claim, leaving you with few options to get your home, condo, or business back to the condition it was before the damage occurred.

How Can I Pursue a Fair Insurance Settlement After the Adjuster Submits Their Findings?

To fairly and accurately assess the damage to your Florida home, condo, or business, partnering with a public adjuster may provide a third-party valuation of your claim that does not benefit the assessor or his or her employer — who is outlining the damages.

This provides a more realistic look at the financial recovery you will need to get your property back to its previous form.

It is important to note, just because you partner with a public adjuster does not mean the insurance company will suddenly be willing to write a check for their valuation of the property damage.

In fact, their negotiations may not go any further than their first response or denial.

If you are receiving resistance from your insurance company in the form of delays, undervalued responses, or even a denial, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group P.A. to learn how we can help you pursue the coverage of your insurance policy entitles you to by calling 888-904-2524 today to schedule a free consultation.