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At The Morgan Law Group, our insurance claims attorneys in Florida believe that finding the best insurance coverage for your needs will be dictated by several factors. The first consideration is the value of the property for which you are seeking coverage.

The more property and possessions you own, the more complex your insurance coverage may be, which could change the way you shop for a policy.

For example, if you have several properties, including a home, condo, or business, and each is filled with valuable contents, including jewelry, paintings, or inventory, chances are, you will want to speak directly with a high-asset insurance representative — instead of choosing your coverage on the internet. That decision is only one you can make and is neither right nor wrong, but a personal preference.

First, and foremost, you must make a list of the policy coverage features that are most important to you. Then you can research how your potential insurance provider’s offerings compare to other companies. The internet can certainly bring ease and speed to the initial screening process.

Conduct Your Insurance Coverage Homework Using Online Resources

Even if you prefer to do business face to face, or at the very least over the phone, taking comfort in building a relationship with a person, the internet is still a great place for anyone to start their research to determine facts about different insurance providers, gather answers to frequently asked questions, and learn what other policyholders are saying about their services.

Before making any decisions about which insurance company you choose, consider using the internet to:

  • Research the insurance company’s history, financial solvency, and community involvement
  • Read online reviews and/or testimonials written by real customers detailing an insurance company’s customer service and payment structures
  • Explore rankings and comparisons by J.D. Power, as its surveys and rankings are independent, unbiased, and based on true consumer feedback regarding customer service and claims payments
  • Compare rates and coverage options before contacting local insurance providers
  • Consider which insurance companies offer payment plans and discounts if either of those offerings sways your decision making

When You Are Ready to Choose an Insurance Provider, Shop Carefully

Now that you have finished researching the important details about different insurance providers, and possibly narrowed down your search for a partner, continue to shop carefully before making a final decision.

Insurance products are not largely flat across companies, as each one evaluates risk differently. This means each insurance company will offer a different mix of coverage, pricing, and out of pocket expenses based on your personal circumstances.

You must know the difference in those options before you can make an informed decision.

For instance, if one company’s quote is less than the other, why? Is the deductible higher? Is the coverage different?

When it comes to choosing your insurance provider, coverage is the most important feature, especially in Florida, where the following options may have to be added to a standard policy separately to ensure they are covered:

Do not assume that flood, hurricane, or another specialty insurance coverage option is included in your policy — ask your insurance representative before agreeing to the terms of your agreement.

Local offices, agents, and brokers can make a difference when explaining the coverage you need, and ensuring you have it, so you are not left paying out of pocket after the next big storm or another natural disaster.

If you have suffered property damage and are receiving resistance from your insurance coverage in the form of delays, undervalued responses, or outright denials, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group today by calling 888-904-2524 to schedule a free consultation.