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At the Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims attorneys know how terrifying it can be to shelter in place in your home, condo, or business during a tropical storm or hurricane.

With our state’s overly active storm calendar each year, our residents are often forced to create a tropical storm or hurricane plan and implement the necessary steps to stay safe. For some, these plans are second nature, which helps them get through these dangerous circumstances with a sense of comfort.

The bigger question becomes, what happens once the storm passes? What should home, condo, and business owners do next?

Here are a few tips to get you through the last phase of a tropical storm or hurricane, so you can make informed decisions about the next steps you should take.

Step One After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Passes in Florida

Stay inside until given the all-clear by the local authorities in your area.

After a storm, many residents are increasingly anxious to check their properties for damage, which can lead them into harm’s way. The unstable nature of the structure or the environment can cause injuries from falling objects, downed power lines, and dangerous sinkholes.

If you must leave your home, condo, business, or another property where you were sheltering in place during the storm, never drive through floodwaters of any level and watch for weakened roads, bridges, or other structures that could collapse unexpectedly.

Step Two After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Passes in Florida

Only use cellphones for emergencies including the location of downed power lines or nearby hazards and avoid calling 911 if there is not a life-threatening situation that must be reported. Understand that all local, state and federal resources will be taxed from the storm, and added non-essential reports will only hinder their response times and ability to get to those who need them most.

Step Three After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Passes in Florida

Once the power is restored if it was lost and you did not have access to a generator check to toss any items that may have been compromised without refrigeration. This will keep you and your family from falling ill from spoilage.

If the power remains out for an extended period, never operate charcoal grills, propane camping stoves, or generators indoors.

Step Four After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Passes in Florida

When it is safe to go outside and survey the damage of the home, be sure to do so with another person, if possible, so if one of you is hurt by downed trees, broken glass, or an unstable structure, the other can get help.

Write down any damage that has occurred to the property, and take pictures or video of the damage to prepare a claim for your insurance company representative to review

Step Five After a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Passes in Florida

Contact our experienced Florida insurance claims lawyers at The Morgan Law Group to learn how we can help during a free consultation by calling (844) 818-0774 today if you would like to file an insurance claim with the help of our attorneys or are receiving resistance from your insurance company in the form of delays, undervalued responses, or even a denial from a claim you have already filed after a tropical storm or hurricane has passed.