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What Type of Contract Disputes

What is an example of a contract dispute?

At Morgan Law Group, our Florida attorneys are legal advocates for professionals who believe that a contract is a binding agreement that includes certain terms and conditions that tie two or more people together to mutually achieve a goal.

This could include customer and vendor agreements, partnership agreements, contractor agreements, and employment agreements, to name a few.

Contract disputes occur when one or both parties listed therein disagree with their role in the agreement, which can lead to one party not upholding their end of the arrangement.

No matter what the contract involves, one of the most common types of contract disputes is the Breach of Contract, which can take on many forms, and often requires help from an experienced Florida business litigation attorney to resolve.

Here is why.

Why Do I Need to Partner With a Florida Breach of Contract Attorney?

When a party breaches a contract, it simply means they did not do or deliver what they agreed to.

That could mean they did not perform any of the terms of the contract, did not perform in accordance with the specifications listed therein or did not complete the terms in the time allotted in the contract.

When this occurs, the contract dispute can be resolved by one or both parties suing each other to have the contract be legally enforced, or for the damages that resulted from the breach.

What Other Types of Florida Contract Disputes Require Business Litigation Attorney Involvement?

Outside of breach of contract disputes, others may include, but are not limited to those associated with:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Technical term definitions and use
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Errors in the contract
  • Coercion or fraud

As long as there are contracts signed by two or more parties, there will be no limit to how the terms and conditions of the agreement can be construed or disputed. If you are engaged in a Florida business contract dispute of any kind, our skilled Morgan Law Group attorneys can help protect your interests by pursuing the best remedy to minimize your exposure.

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