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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi negligent security attorneys know that hotels and resorts cannot invite guests to stay on their premises without taking the necessary security measures to keep them safe.

Before safety measures can be put in place, the facility must understand any current dangers that could harm their guests and take all the steps necessary to mitigate any future harm.

Common ways hotels and resorts ensure their guests are safe are providing parking in safe, well-lit locations, installing security cameras, guaranteeing emergency assistance, and training their staff on emergency procedures.

When they fail in any of these aspects, or countless others and someone gets hurt, the hotel or resort may be liable for the injured party’s damages.

How Can I Prove a Hotel or Resort Did Not Provide Adequate Security?

The very first element to prove a Florida, Louisiana, or Mississippi resort or hotel did not provide adequate security is establishing the facility owed you a legal duty of care.

If you were lawfully present on the premises — as an employee, vendor, visitor, or guest — the hotel owner or operator must take measures to keep the property reasonably safe for your use.

If the hotel has experienced an uptick in criminal activity, they must provide reasonable security to keep guests safe as they enter and leave the facility and surrounding property, including parking areas.

The second element is proving the hotel or resort breached its duty.

If the hotel did not provide adequate security for the circumstances, and you were assaulted or robbed as a result, it breached its duty toward you. Breach of a legal duty is negligence.

Next, we must prove that the breach of duty caused you harm. That means you were harmed during circumstances that could have been prevented. This could include everything from a lack of security personnel to failing to fix a broken lock on your hotel room door.

Finally, we must prove that adequate security would have prevented the incident that caused your harm.

When our skilled negligent security attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi can prove these four elements, the hotel or resort may be liable for your complete damages.

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