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When any type of damage occurs to the interior or exterior of your home, condominium, or business, your very first thought may be, “Thank goodness for insurance coverage.”

Fire, flood, hurricane, and even mold damage can be overwhelmingly expensive, causing structural damage that temporarily or even permanently displaces you and your family or precludes you from making a living.

Our insurance claims lawyers in Florida are here to answer one of the scariest questions policyholders have after they experience property damage: Do I have an insurance claim in Florida?

Do I Have An Insurance Claim In Florida?

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Florida insurance claims attorneys have over five decades of experience representing home, condominium, and business owners who have filed claims with their insurance companies — only to receive a delayed, diminished, or denied coverage response.

That is when the question becomes, “Does my Florida insurance coverage cover this type of damage?”

The first piece in solving the insurance claim puzzle is to understand exactly what is included in your insurance policy.

For instance, some Florida insurance policies do not cover flood damage or mold, but they may contain the hurricane coverage that directly led to your home or condo becoming flooded, and later infested with mold.

Learn exactly what is covered in your insurance policy, and what is excluded, before filing a claim. If you are having trouble determining what the fine print means, our Florida insurance claims attorneys will provide the clarity you need to confidently pursue the insurance company for the best financial outcome available.

I Have Documented My Damage & Filed An Insurance Claim In Florida: Now What?

You have submitted pictures, kept precise records, and delivered all relevant claim information to your insurer, and now you are waiting for a response.

Preserving evidence of your property damage is a smart way to back up your insurance claim.

So, how long should you wait to receive compensation?

Nearly one year after Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida, over 20,000 residents were still struggling with unpaid insurance claims.

When your home or business has suffered significant damage, the delay in financial recovery can devastate your quality of life, your livelihood, or both.

If your insurance company is consistently delaying your recovery, disputing the value of your claim, or denying your claim altogether, they may be acting in bad faith.

We can help you determine the facts of your claim, so you can get your life back on track.

Is My Florida Insurance Company Acting In Bad Faith?

The contract you sign with your insurance company is legally binding with each timely premium payment you make.

When your insurance provider fails to uphold its expressed or implied duties, simply to guard their profits, your claim may be wrongfully delayed, diminished, or denied completely in bad faith.

Common bad faith insurance practices can include deceptive practices like:

  • Misinterpreting their policy’s language or records to avoid paying a claim
  • Failing to conduct a thorough investigation
  • Making arbitrary demands regarding proof of loss
  • Using unreasonable delays to avoid resolution of a claim
  • Employing abusive tactics to intimidate the policyholder from pursuing further recovery

Insurance coverage is based on the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing. When that confidence is breached, our experienced bad faith insurance claims attorneys will provide the aggressive representation you need to pursue results.

Not Sure If You Have An Insurance Claim In Florida?

Contact the Morgan Law Group’s insurance claims attorneys in Florida today at (305) 569-9900 to discuss your insurance coverage, your property damages, and how we can help you focus on securing the best financial recovery available under your policy.