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When Do I Have a Good Breach of Contract Case?

At the Morgan Law Group, our Florida and California attorneys know there is more to a breach of contract cases than being unhappy with the way an agreement unfolds. Certainly, when two or more parties have entered a contract, the expectation is that each will perform according to their agreement.

Unfortunately, multiple factors can interfere with that being true. Unexpected circumstances can lead to delivery delays that impact everyone involved. But when are these issues considered a breach of contract?

The answer is, it depends on the contract. Let’s discuss this.

Factor One: Is There a Legitimate Contract in Place?

The very first hurdle in pursuing a successful breach of contract case is proving there was a contract to begin with. That means you can prove there was a voluntary and lawful agreement in place. If you have a signed contract, this element is already determined. If you had a verbal contract, an email, or another communication that is less specific, your case may be less sturdy.

Factor Two: Did One Party Negligently Perform or Fail to Perform the Duties Outlined in the Contract?

Business contracts are essentially put in place to obligate one or more parties to do something. Depending on your business and industry, that something differs. However, the contractual obligation to perform remains the same. If one or more parties negligently perform or fail to perform their obligations, you may have a legitimate breach of contract case.

Factor Three: The Breach of Contract Resulted in Tangible Damages

If the offending party breaches its obligations but does so in a way where the harm was minimal, it may not reach the legal standard for a breach of contract case.

However, if you can prove there was a monetary or property loss that resulted in substantial, tangible harm to your company, you may have a legitimate breach of contract claim.

Can I Pursue a Legal Claim Against the Individual or Business for Breach of Contract?

If you are unsure whether you have a viable breach of contract claim, the skilled attorneys at Morgan Law Group can help you understand your legal rights and options to hold the offending party liable for the damages you have suffered — inside or outside the courtroom.

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