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At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys have successfully represented property owners throughout Florida, Louisiana, MississippiCalifornia, and Puerto Rico after their homes, condos, and businesses sustained damages their insurance companies did not consider “covered” in their policies.

The reality is, property damage insurance policies are unique to the coverage — and property — the policyholder has signed up and paid for through their premiums. That differs for everyone.

For some of our clients, based on where they live, hurricane insurance is a priority. To others, hard-to-come-by flood insurance is something they will never let lapse. For others, insurance that protects their businesses and inventories is a major factor in their policy agreements.

For most, they simply want their property insurance to cover common damages like fires, storm damage, or personal injuries that occur on their premises.

Here, we discuss insurable occurrences, and what they mean for your ability to file a claim.

Insured Occurrences Depend on Your Insurance Coverage

An insured occurrence is an event that results in damage to your property.

However, depending on where you live, and what is listed as “covered” in your insurance policy, your coverage may differ from another policyholder.

For instance, flood zones are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Flood insurance is generally required in high-risk flood zones but not outside them. Yet, as much as a quarter of the flood insurance claims processed each year are for homes outside high-risk areas. If you do not have flood insurance, either as an insurance supplement or a standalone policy, your flood damages may not be covered.

Likewise, hurricane insurance — which is a combination of flood and wind damage insurance — is not automatically included in homeowner’s insurance policies, which means your standard coverage may not cover all potential hurricane damage.

No matter what type of damage your home, condo, or business sustains, knowing what is included in your insurance policy is the first step in pursuing the best outcome for your claim.

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