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At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico insurance claims attorneys know that even the most prepared home or business owner can become anxious about contacting their insurance companies after suffering floodfire, or hurricane damage.

The question becomes, how much damage is enough damage to get your insurance company involved?

The answer is, it depends. Here is why.

Should I Fix Home Damages Myself to Avoid the Insurance Company?

One of the problems homeowners may be faced with is suffering slight damage during a storm, and attempting to fix it themselves, instead of including the insurance company.

This is often because they have a high deductible, or because they are afraid of an insurance rate hike.

Although the damage to your home can be expensive, making the repairs on your own can be dangerous — especially if they occurred to the roof or another area that is hard to reach.

Likewise, if you are not licensed to make the repairs, you may be responsible for the additional costs associated with the fixes if a professional must come in behind you and clean up the mess.

Even if you stick with your handy work, and there is the need for a claim later, the insurance company could deny the claim because the first round of damage was not properly repaired.

Depending on the seriousness of the damage, and the local laws that apply to your area, you may be required to get a permit or have a license to do the necessary repairs.

If both are required, you could be in significant legal trouble that ends with citations and hefty fines — and still the need to hire someone to make the repairs.

According to QuoteWizard, typical homeowners’ insurance deductibles range from $500 – $1500. If that is true for your home, consider filing a claim to ensure the repairs are managed professionally.

If you have a problem with the insurance company and would like to enlist the work of a public adjuster and our skilled team of insurance claims attorneys, we are here to help.

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