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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida negligent security attorneys know that our clients never expect to be injured simply by attending a concert, music festival, or another large event.

The idea behind these events is to enjoy yourself, your favorite band, or other entertainment options with friends or family members while building memories together.

The reality is, when hundreds or thousands of people are sharing space — even spaces that are designed to accommodate large crowds — the venue owners, event coordinators, and organizers should be held liable for any injuries that occur during an event at their location.

Here is why.

Florida’s Premises Liability Laws Extend to Concert and Festival Venues

The concert, festival, and event venues have a high duty of care to protect their attendees.

When our Florida residents attend these events, they are considered invitees.

That means their safety is — or should be — protected by the concert venue.

When the venue fails to maintain the property, hire adequate security, or prevent criminal activity from occurring on the premises, the premise’s owner, business operator, or event organizer may be held liable for the injuries that result.

Likewise, premises owners must pass certain safety codes before hosting large-scale events. That includes fire code limits, the proper number of exits, and adequate security to inspect the property and any attendee’s belongings to maintain the safety of all who attend the event.

What are the Most Common Causes of Concert and Music Festival Injuries?

Although all event venues are different, multiple safety issues can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

Some of the most common causes of event attendee injuries or deaths may include:

  • Property Hazards: Property hazards can include everything from faulty escalators, stairs, scaffolding, and walkways that can cause serious injuries that could have been prevented.
  • Safety Violations: Safety violations can include health, building, and safety code breaches that result in injuries or death.
  • Staffing Violations: Staffing violations can include everything from insufficient staff or security, lack of training, failing to conduct proper background checks, or circumstances that leave attendees vulnerable to physical attacks or sexual assaults.
  • Drug or Alcohol Violations: All guests should be screened for drug possession before entry to avoid harm to attendees. Likewise, all guests must provide proof of ID before purchasing alcohol.
  • Inadequate or Negligent Security: Failing to screen attendees for weapons, or other variables that could lead to violence or criminal activity.

Who is Liable for Injuries That Occur During a Florida Concert, Music Festival, or Event?

Property owners, leasing businesses, event coordinators, and other organizing parties may share liability when event attendees are injured on the premises.

To determine who is liable for your or a loved one’s injuries or loss of life, contact our experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Morgan Law Group to schedule a free consultation today by calling 888-904-2524 to learn how we can help you pursue the liable party’s insurance coverage for your complete financial recovery.