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Auto Accident

An auto accident is a harsh reality of daily life. Whether you’re a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver, the rising incident rates are alarming. The streets are increasingly becoming a gamble, making it crucial to know what to do in the aftermath of an accident.

In 2022, there was a distressing surge in traffic fatalities, recording a staggering total of 745 deaths on the state’s roadways. This grim milestone marked the highest number of roadway fatalities seen since 1981, painting a stark picture of the growing road safety crisis.

Over the past decade, a troubling trend has emerged, with traffic fatalities steadily climbing, showing a significant 57% increase. This unsettling pattern stands in stark contrast to the preceding three decades, during which fatalities had been on a downward trajectory.

Several contributing factors have been identified as fueling the rise in fatality rates, including aggressive driving behaviors, excessive speeds, and reckless conduct on the road. The ramifications can be severe, including injuries, loss of life, and substantial financial burdens.

Modified Comparative Fault in Auto Accidents

In auto accidents, the concept of fault is rarely black and white.  Law acknowledges this complexity through its “modified comparative fault” system. Under this legal framework, responsibility for an accident can be divided among multiple parties, including the injured party seeking compensation. This distribution of fault has direct implications for the amount you may claim in damages.

In essence, the modified comparative fault system assesses the level of negligence exhibited by each party involved in the accident. If you are found to be 30% at fault, for example, your available damages would be reduced by that same percentage. So, if you were initially eligible for $100,000 in damages, you would actually be able to claim $70,000, reflecting the 30% reduction.

The courts or your auto accident attorney will typically rely on police reports, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence to determine the fault percentage. Once established, this percentage becomes a cornerstone in the negotiations or litigation that follow. Importantly, under this modified comparative fault rule, you cannot recover any damages if you are found to be 50% or more at fault for the accident.

Filing an Auto Accident Claim

Being involved in an auto accident is a traumatic experience. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but taking prompt and systematic action is crucial for the legal process that may follow. Here’s a closer look at the vital steps involved in filing an auto accident claim:

  1. Report the Accident to the Police
    The first thing you should do is contact the police and file an official report. This report serves as a foundational document and provides an unbiased third-party account of the incident. It will include details like the date, time, and location of the accident, as well as any potential violations of law.
  2. Seek Medical Attention
    Even if you think you’re unscathed, it’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately. Injuries can manifest days or even weeks later. A medical report will also serve as substantial evidence when claiming injuries, especially with the assistance of a auto accident lawyer.
  3. Document Evidence
    While you’re at the accident scene, gather as much evidence as possible. Take photographs of vehicle damages, road conditions, and any visible injuries you or other parties might have. If possible, collect eyewitness accounts and their contact information. These elements can significantly strengthen your claim.
  4. Consult an Auto Accident Lawyer
    The legal landscape of auto accident claims can be difficult to navigate. Consultation with a specialized auto injury attorney in is not just recommended; it’s vital. A qualified attorney from a reputable auto accident law firm like The Morgan Law Group can help guide you through the complex legal channels, making sure you are rightfully compensated for both material and emotional damages.

Each of these steps is crucial in constructing a robust claim. It’s not just about taking the right actions, but also about doing them in a manner that strengthens your legal position. The statute of limitations for filing an auto accident claim is three years from the date of the accident. Failing to file within this timeframe can mean forfeiting your right to financial compensation.

Auto Accident Attorneys: Why Choose The Morgan Law Group

The complexities involved in auto accidents make it essential to consult a reliable auto injury attorney.

  • Specialized Knowledge
    Auto accident law is a specialized area that involves understanding specific rules, procedures, and regulations that the average person may find overwhelming. The Morgan Law Group brings years of dedicated experience auto accident cases, ensuring that you have the best possible advice and representation.
  • Free Consultation
    Making the right decisions begins with having the right information. The Morgan Law Group offers free initial consultation to evaluate your case and guide you through the legal maze of auto accident claims. This risk-free initial meeting allows you to understand your legal standing and options.
  • Proven Track Record
    Your attorney’s reputation can significantly impact your case’s outcome. With a proven track record in achieving favorable settlements and court judgments, we are established as a trusted auto accident law firm. Our history of success speaks volumes about our capability to handle your claim effectively.
  • Comprehensive Service
    From gathering evidence and conducting negotiations to representing you in court if necessary, we offer comprehensive services that cover every aspect of auto accident law. This all-around approach ensures you don’t have to deal with multiple legal professionals and can focus on your recovery.

Auto accidents can be life-altering, causing not only physical pain but emotional and financial stress as well. Find relief in knowing that The Morgan Law Group is committed to providing outstanding legal assistance tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards securing your future.