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Negligent Security

When you enter a place of business in Colorado you expect certain standards of safety. However, not every property owner has reasonable security or safety standards on their property. If you have been injured in some way due to owner negligence, a negligent security case can prove liability and help you recover losses in case of such an event. A personal injury lawyer can properly represent you before the legal system and ensure you are made whole due to your losses. If you think you require the services of accident attorneys, here is more information about negligent security to see if your situation fits.

Areas In Colorado Where Negligent Security Can Be a Concern

The scope of commercial properties where negligent security can occur is broad and includes (but is not limited to) the following types of businesses and public locations. They can include restaurants, nightclubs, bars, gas stations, universities, hospitals, workplaces, parks, hotels, banks, shopping centers, and parking areas. Any property that sees interaction with the public is expected to be kept safe by the owner making use of common security measures such as guards, proper lighting, fences, and alarms.

Defining Negligence

To establish negligence, it must be shown that the involved parties acted in such a way as to put others at risk and should have been aware this was the case. Negligence can extend to property owners, those leasing a property, those who manage a property, or security agencies hired to keep an area safe. When negligence events such as robberies, assaults, batteries, and more severe harm can occur. Depending on the type of property, what is considered proper safety standards can vary. Broader types of negligence can include a lack of camera equipment for security purposes, unqualified guards, a lack of security guards, doors with broken locks or no locks at all, missing lighting, a lack of lighting where there should be lighting, broken gates, and no alarms for emergencies.

The Establishment of Liability

A property owner can be liable for your injuries and other losses provided they did not properly establish safety on their property. As a property owner, they are responsible for establishing a baseline level of safety for visitors and customers. Basic safety measures can be relatively simple, such as security at a retail location to protect you from harm due to robberies. Your claim can establish liability due to demonstrating negligence through a lack of a duty of care. Under the duty of care, a property owner is required to have basic safety measures in place, such as appropriate levels of lighting, just to name one such example.

You Need To Act Quickly

As with other legal cases, a negligent security case must be filed within a proper time frame for it to be heard before the legal system. A negligent security case in Colorado must be filed within two years after the incident (and any injuries or losses) have occurred. Other issues impacting the time frame can include if your case is against a government entity which requires you to file the proper paperwork promptly. A lawyer can help you file your case and ensure all deadlines are met, including the filing of proper paperwork.

Proving Your Case

A personal injury attorney can help prove your negligent security case. Proving your case involves proving that, specifically, it was negligent security that led to any injuries, losses, or damages you may have suffered. Your attorney will also provide supporting evidence that shows the crime or the incident that led to your loss was foreseeable and should have been prevented by the property owner. The evidence your lawyer collects can include past crimes at the location, any past police reports, and other past complaints.

When You Need Dependable Legal Representation

At The Morgan Law Group, we can help you when you have a negligent security case. No matter if your injury occurred at a business or other location such as a school, we provide the expertise and experience you need to be fairly represented before the legal system. We can also provide legal support if you are representing a family member who, due to the nature of the injury, may be unable to do so themselves.

If you feel a property owner has been negligent or associated service providers such as a security agency did not provide the level of service that is required, reach out to us today. You should not have to suffer losses due to the negligence of another, and we are here to support you and ensure you receive all the compensation you are legally due.