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Earthquake Damage Claims

Earthquakes happen without any warning and can cause extensive property damage that can be financially taxing or even devastating. The amount of effort and financial resources it takes to repair or rebuild can add up quickly. Some people who’ve lost everything can be in a position where they need temporary housing and thousands of dollars to cover daily costs and the amount needed to rebuild.

Even if you have homeowners’ insurance in place, you may run into issues the insurance company poses with paying for repairs or a rebuild. That’s where having knowledgeable legal support proves invaluable. Homeowners residing in Colorado can count on the Morgan Law Group to provide them with expert solutions to protect their assets and resources.

Settling Your Earthquake Damage Claim

When an earthquake occurs, you’ll likely need to find temporary housing to protect yourself and your family from injury resulting from structural instability or other hazards posted to anyone in a damaged home. If you are displaced from your home, you’ll likely have many questions, and we’ll need to act quickly to get legal advice from an expert earthquake attorney. Be sure not to submit your claim without consulting an attorney because it may negatively affect your submission.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers who will make efforts to settle claims for as little money as they can manage. Their attorneys are skilled at putting their insurance policyholders at a disadvantage to get the better end of the agreement. Many homeowners who submit an insurance claim without the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who knows the laws in statute to the state may stand to suffer significant financial losses.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

The Morgan Law Group is committed to delivering the highest quality legal representation and services to the residents of Colorado. Our insurance claims attorney can help you sort through the confusion and stress of submitting an earthquake claim to your insurance company.

Our team of legal professionals understands that dealing with damages and impacts as a result of an earthquake can be a very stressful time and can leave you confused and wondering what steps to take next. Once you contact us, we will take the time to carefully analyze your earthquake damage and compare it with your homeowners’ insurance policy to determine what a fair settlement from your insurance company would look like and help you submit your insurance claim to expedite the process.

We will also communicate with your insurance company’s attorneys to prevent any negative impacts on your claim and to ensure the process is resolved as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you reduce your overall financial impact and provide you with a fair settlement that helps you get back on your feet quickly. When you sustain damage as a result of an earthquake in Colorado, you can’t afford to make any missteps when it comes to working with an insurance company.

You can trust us to represent you to help you get the best outcome for your case. We will also help you get compensation for any applicable out-of-pocket costs and prevent your insurance company’s attorneys from taking advantage of you and leaving you with expenses that aren’t covered, which can impact you significantly.

Legal Help For Earthquake Damage Claims

Anytime a homeowner sustains damage or a loss as a result of an earthquake in Colorado, they may need legal support and guidance to help them navigate an earthquake claim. Settling a claim with your insurance company may be complicated, and without help, it may drag out for a long time. Extended wait times for a claim settlement may end up costing homeowners more money on temporary housing and other expenses related to being away from their homes.

Additionally, the insurance company may have their attorneys make it difficult to settle the claim, even if it’s a situation where it should be covered. Legal support for an earthquake claim is essential to ensure the homeowner gets a fair settlement and doesn’t run into problems the insurance company poses.

If you were the victim of an earthquake and your home sustained damage or was destroyed in Colorado, you should reach out to The Morgan Law Group immediately. Our insurance attorney and personal injury attorney are standing by to help you understand the legal process and begin moving forward with resolving your homeowners’ insurance claim.

We can work on your case right away and offer you insight on how to proceed or not to proceed when dealing with the insurance company. Our goal is to help you get the settlement you need to begin rebuilding and return to normal.