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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys in Florida

At The Morgan Law Group, our intellectual property lawyers in Florida represent domestic and international clients in varying industries, including startup companies, multinational corporations, and all sizes of organizations in between.

Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients’ intellectual properties by serving as partners in their technical success.

No matter where you are in the intellectual property process, including the design phase or preparing for litigation for disputes involving contracts, patents, or trade secrets, our attorneys can help you pursue the best outcome for your unique needs.

The Morgan Law Group Intellectual Property Attorney Practice Areas

Our law firm’s intellectual property attorneys in Florida provide experienced counsel to entrepreneurs, small businesses, leading corporations, and researchers throughout the U.S., and across the globe to protect a broad range of industries and technologies, so our clients can excel in their area of expertise.

Our skilled intellectual property litigation attorneys represent clients in the following practice area:

  • Patents and Provisional Patents
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secrets

Intellectual property contracts, filings, and renewals are simply the beginning of the requirements necessary to protect your unique offerings, designs, products, or services to transform the overall success of your idea into a deliverable solution.

At The Morgan Law Group, our intellectual property lawyers in Florida can help protect your future as your partners and advocates who deliver long-term legal solutions that are customized to your needs.

Patents and Provisional Patents

Whether this is your first patent or an extension of your patent portfolio, our intellectual property attorneys focus on drafting applications to maximize value.

That includes precisely traversing the patent process to include the abstract, written description, drawings, and supporting claims that make your product or service unique.

Patent Litigation

Protecting your patent is one of the most important factors in its success. Our skilled patent litigation lawyers provide exceptional legal representation to pursue the person, party, or entity that has violated your patent ownership, starting with the initial application process, office action practice, allowance, and issuance.

Our intellectual property attorneys in Florida represent clients in all United States Patent and Trademark Office post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.


At The Morgan Law Group, our intellectual property lawyers in Florida work tirelessly to pursue strong trademarks that solve our clients’ short- and long-term trademark needs by identifying and attempting to avoid potential infringement or registration issues in the future.

That requires extensive research and exacting investigations to pursue and protect our clients’ best interests and prevent problematic trademarks that provide the most suitable and cost-effective approach to obtaining the desired state, federal, and international protection.

Our Florida trademark attorneys identify protectable elements of product configurations, including packaging solutions by developing cost-efficient strategies, registration, and enforcement that makes real business sense.


Our intellectual property attorneys in Florida protect our clients’ by filing copyright registrations that provide significant benefits to their owners, which exist in many different forms of expression.

Copyrights may apply to a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms, called works.

We help our clients identify when and how to protect these rights when copyrightable material is part of their business assets, including:

  • Software and Documents
  • Literary Works
  • Choreography
  • Architectural Works
  • Audiovisual Works
  • Photographic Images
  • Sound Recordings
  • Pictorial, Graphic, and Sculptural Works

Our law firm works with each of our clients to pursue registrations of their valuable copyrightable works on a regular schedule to help maximize the value of their protected works.

Trade Secrets

Intellectual property that has inherent economic value that is not generally known or readily ascertainable by others in the form of formulas, practices, processes, designs, instruments, patterns or compilations of information are called trade secrets.

Trade secrets are invisible components of a company’s intellectual property that are protected by their owners for their contribution to a company’s value and are not disclosed to the world at large.

Instead, owners of trade secrets protect their existence by instituting special procedures for handling the information, including technological and legal security measures.

At The Morgan Law Group, our business litigation lawyers in Florida pursue legal protections that may include non-disclosure agreements, work-for-hire, and non-compete clauses in agreements signed by all parties our clients work with, including vendors, licensees, and board members.

If there is a misappropriation of our client’s trade secrets, we will pursue the offenders to the full extent of the law, so our clients can reap the remedies necessary to make them whole again.

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If you are pursuing a patent or have existing intellectual property that must be protected to ensure its success in the marketplace, contact our experienced Florida attorneys at the Morgan Law Group today by calling (786) 706-9228 to determine whether a patent, trademark, or trade secret designation applies to your product or service, so you can achieve the protection necessary to prevail in your industry.