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Hail Damage Claims

Naples, FL is no stranger to severe weather. If you live in this area, you’re at risk of hurricanes, tropical storms, lightning strikes, and even hailstorms. In the last year or so, there were nine reports of hail falling in Naples. Depending on their severity, hailstorms can be very destructive to a home and surrounding property. Hail can damage your home’s roof, siding, and windows and leave the interior of your home exposed to the elements.

Even with insurance coverage, you may find it difficult to recover from natural disasters like hail damage due to holdups with home insurance claims. That’s where it pays to have a trustworthy home insurance claim lawyer on your side. The insurance attorneys from The Morgan Law Group can help expedite your hail damage insurance claim, so you can recuperate your losses.

Filing a Claim for Hail Damage

Most home insurance policies offer protection for hail damage. If a hailstorm has caused severe damage to your property, your first step is to review your policy to see what kind of protection you have. It’s important to know your coverage before filing your claim, so you can proceed with confidence in claiming compensation for damages.

Next, contact your insurer to inform them that your home or property sustained hail damage. This gives your insurer a heads-up that you’ll be filing a claim. Here are some additional steps you can take to expedite the claims process:

  1. Assess the Damage
    After a hailstorm, take time to assess the damage to your home and property. Inspect your home’s roof, gutters, downspouts, sidings, windowsills and windows for signs of damage. You’ll also want to look at other buildings or structures on your property (shed, deck, patio) and landscaping to see if they suffered damage.
  1. Document the Damage
    Document any damage that you find by taking pictures or making a video of the affected areas. If your home suffered extensive damage, consider hiring a professional to get a detailed evaluation of damages. A professional assessment of the damage could carry more weight with your insurance carrier when making a claim. By working closely with your inspector, you can stay informed of the state of your home, so you can follow up with your insurer. Even minor hail storms can cause damage, so be sure to have your home inspected as soon as possible once the storm has passed.
    With climate change, hailstorms have become more prevalent and severe over the years, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Proper documentation is essential to substantiate your claim of hail damage. The amount of compensation you receive for damages will depend on your policy, coverage limits and deductible.
  1. Make Emergency Repairs to Your Property
    If your home sustained severe damage, you may need to do emergency repairs to protect the rest of your property. Keep all receipts of materials purchased for these repairs and the work that was done, so you can get reimbursed for these expenses when making your claim.
  1. File Your Claim
    Home insurance claims for hail damage should be filed promptly once you’ve assessed the damage. If you delay in filing your claim, you may find resistance from your insurer in covering the damages. Your insurer may claim damages were caused by lack of home maintenance or due to the age or poor condition of your property.

It’s not unusual for insurers to hedge on honoring home insurance claims for severe weather damage. Working with a home insurance claim lawyer can often help you get quicker results. At The Morgan Law Group, we’re well versed with the home insurance claims process and have ample experience working with home insurance adjusters. We’ll handle every aspect of your claim from the initial filing of insurance paperwork to getting accurate documentation of damages to negotiating a fair settlement for your losses. Our legal representation will ensure you receive full compensation for your claim in a timely manner.

Hailstorm Prep Tips to Protect Your Property

You can’t predict when a hailstorm will hit, but you can prepare in advance for severe weather threats like hurricanes, hailstorms, windstorms, etc. to minimize prospective damage. Here are a few precautions you can take against hail damage:

  • Inspect your home’s roof regularly and repair defects as they arise to strengthen its structure.
  • If your roof is old and weather beaten, have it replaced before the storm season to prevent leakage that can damage the interior of your property.
  • Maintain trees on your property to minimize the risk of home damage from falling branches.
  • Have a safe place to store outdoor furniture, bikes and plants from hail damage.
  • Shelter your vehicle in your garage to protect it from hailstorms or other unpredictable weather.

If you need help dealing with home insurance claims for hail damage in Naples, FL, contact The Morgan Law Group.