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Rideshare Accident

Dedicated Rideshare Accident Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

Our rideshare accident lawyers in Orlando understand just how much our residents count on rideshare services each day. With nearly 285,000 people living in Orlando, it is often easier — and less expensive — to request an Uber or Lyft driver to take them to the airport, shopping, dining, or other entertainment venues to avoid traffic and costly parking fees.

Our Orange County rideshare accident attorneys also know that our city is also home to multiple conference facilities and theme parks, hosting the largest number of visitors to Florida each year resulting in tourism being the largest private employer in the Orlando area.

Before the pandemic in 2020, Orlando would see an average of over 75 million visitors each year. Visit Orlando estimated there were 59.3 million visitors to Orlando last year, still eclipsing other cities in the state.

When a city sees tens of millions of visitors each year, rideshare drivers flock to the area to gain their share of the revenue from crowds that do not have their own vehicles on hand, and those that want to avoid the dangers of driving in an unknown city.

Unfortunately, when negligence is a factor, rideshare drivers and their passengers are just as likely to be involved in a collision with injuries as other drivers.

If you have been injured in an accident as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, or as a third-party driver, our skilled rideshare lawyers in Orlando, Florida can help you pursue the proper party — or combination of parties — for your full financial recovery.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Rideshare Accident with Injuries in Orlando, Florida

Like all vehicle collisions in Florida, an Orlando rideshare accident can be caused by one driver or multiple parties.

They may include:

  • A negligent rideshare driver who is distracted, impaired, speeding, disobeying traffic signs or signals, or otherwise driving recklessly.
  • Another negligent driver who is distracted, impaired, speeding, disobeying traffic signs or signals, or otherwise driving recklessly crashes into the rideshare driver.
  • Another third party whose negligence led to the crash of two or more vehicles.

Our Orlando rideshare accident attorneys will review the facts and circumstances surrounding the collision and investigate all potentially liable parties to ensure our injured client has access to the maximum financial recovery available under the applicable insurance coverage(s).

What Type of Orlando Rideshare Accident Injury Victims Do We Represent?

Multiple people can get hurt in an Orlando rideshare accident.

They may include:

  • The rideshare driver.
  • The rideshare passengers.
  • The driver(s) or passenger(s) riding in any of the vehicles that collided with the rideshare vehicle.
  • Pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists who are hit by the rideshare vehicle or a third-party driver.

When negligence is a factor on our Orlando roadways, anyone can get hurt at any time. If that accident involves a rideshare driver, contact our skilled Orange County, Florida personal injury lawyers for help today.

We will pursue one of the four levels of insurance outlined by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that pertain to rideshare vehicle accidents.

That may include:

  • The rideshare driver’s personal insurance coverage when they are not actively working for the rideshare company.
  • The rideshare company’s limited liability insurance, when the driver’s app is on, but he or she is not actively engaged in its use.
  • The rideshare company’s insurance policy, up to the $1 million limit, when the rideshare driver is actively working, on their way to, or while transporting passengers.

When a third party is negligently operating his or her vehicle, separate from the rideshare driver, our skilled auto accident attorneys in Orlando will pursue that negligent driver’s coverage for our client’s full financial recovery.

Rideshare and Other Drivers Deliver Food & Other Products Throughout Orlando

It is important for all Orlando drivers to know that rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft often transport more than passengers. These corporate brands, along with Door Dash, Grub Hub, and other local delivery services can cause vehicle collisions under negligent circumstances too.

Because each of these drivers, no matter their corporate affiliation, rely heavily on their cellphones to accept, navigate, and deliver to customers, they are distracted during most of their trips. Despite

When they place profits over safety, everyone on our Orlando roadways is in danger.

If you have been injured by a rideshare or delivery driver in Florida, our Orlando personal injury lawyers can help you pursue the best outcome for your unique case.

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