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Condominium/HOA Disputes

Should you have to claim for storm damage, flooding, roofing damage, or other woes and are denied, your homeowner association (HOA) board may begin taking issue with the damages. By taking issue, we mean that they can start hoa disputes with you personally to take care of resolving the damage with or without an approved claim.

It’s no secret that Florida is mid-stride in a homeowners insurance crisis, but still leads the nation in insurance-related litigation, despite that less than 10% of property insurance claims nationwide come from home and condo-owning policyholders. But, 79% of such lawsuits come directly from the state. We’ll discuss some claims tips and how our legal team at The Morgan Law Group can help you fight back against denied claims and avoid internal disputes with your Panama City association board.

What Does My Personal Condo Insurance Cover?

Condominium insurance policies vary depending on the cost, type of unit, size, and type of expensive property you want covered inside the dwelling. Our insurance claim lawyers explain that policies can be customizable, but a general condo policy at a minimum includes coverage for:

  • Interior Walls
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Valuables & Other Personal Property
  • Personal Injury on the Premises
  • Damage to Other Parties Visiting Your Condo

Common Reasons Owners File A Condominium Insurance Claim

Whether the condo is a full-time residence for the owner, a part-time abode or intended for short-term vacation rentals, having insurance is essential. Even without a major storm compromising the property or causing structural damage, other incidences can result in serious damage. Insurance policies should cover the repair and replacement cost of many situations including:

  • Fire Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Damage From Other Units
  • Leaks or Broken Pipes
  • In-unit Personal Injuries
  • Mold Infestations
  • Vandalism or Other Intentional Property Damage

Does the Homeowner’s Association Have Insurance That Covers Resident’s Condos?

Condo coverage is somewhat complex, and just like the homeowner, the HOA is required to carry insurance coverage, too. This is known as a master policy and leaves a few gaps in coverage that many owners think cover more than it does. HOA master policies cover many things, but they will never cover anything inside private units. Generally, HOA coverage includes:

  • Property Damage to Common Areas
  • Damage to the Condo Structure
  • External Common Features
  • Grounds & Landscaping Damage
  • General Liability for the Association

How To Navigate Panama City, FL HOA Disputes Attributed to a Denied Condo Claim

At some point, you may encounter impatient board members who are sending you notices or even fining you for delays caused by insurance denying your condo claim. In an idyllic world, everyone could work together and get along, but in the real world, condo homeowners associations have disputes with homeowners routinely.

The board handles many types of conflicts, ranging from issues among themselves to dealing with ongoing disputes with individual owners. When owners are having problems with HOA members, it’s tempting to get angry and frustrated, but any interactions should be calm and focused on the issues. Here are some tips when in talks with the board.

  • Be Clear & Concise in Communications: Be open and honest about your situation. If an insurance denial is keeping you from making repairs, show the denial notice, and show your efforts to fight the decision.
  • Define What You’d Like to See Happen: Make the board aware of your ultimate goals and establish a baseline timeframe.
  • Find Common Ground: The HOA wants results just as much as you do. Find common goals like this or consider moving into other phases with the board, like alternative dispute resolution (arbitration or remediation).

What If My Insurance Company Denied My Condominium Insurance Claim?

Make a call to the company or agency again to get details about the denial and request a written copy ASAP. Give hard thought to hiring an independent appraiser to confirm estimates and requested amounts on your original claim. The quicker you contact a public adjuster with expertise in property insurance claims, the sooner they can find ways to help you recover the funds you seek. Retain an attorney from The Morgan Law Group who are skilled in HOA disputes and their resolution.

Our legal team has a combination of 40+ years of experience in condominium insurance claims. We have represented both condo owners and associations, giving us the upper edge concerning knowing how to successfully argue to represent your side. Our goal is to see you come out on top with an insurance payout, so you can get moving on with your repairs to renormalize your condo lifestyle.

Get Legal Help Now on a Contingency Basis

Our vast experience as condominium insurance attorneys makes up a top choice for those in disputes with their HOA or insurance company. The Morgan Law Group’s condo insurance attorneys provide free consultations and handle cases on a contingency basis.  This means that you pay us nothing unless we win your case to your satisfaction.

We believe that you should never have to pay for repairs that the HOA should be handling or your neighbors’ insurance company should cover for any at-fault damage to your unit. Contact us online or call The Morgan Law Group at 888-904-2524 to learn how our insurance claim specialists in Florida can get you the financial recovery you have coming to you.