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Rideshare Accident

Experienced Tampa Rideshare Accident Attorneys

Our rideshare accident lawyers know how important access to Uber and Lyft services is to Tampa’s nearly 400,000 residents and over 24.5 million annual visitors.

Rideshare services can be used to get to and from work, the airport, conferences, the beach, to dinner, and as a safe way to enjoy a night out on the town without getting behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, rideshare drivers are not immune from being involved in traffic collisions. And when they crash with passengers on board, it can be difficult to understand whose insurance policy is liable for the injury victims’ financial compensation needs.

We can help.

If you have been injured in an accident as a rideshare driver, passenger, or another third party who was hit by a negligent rideshare driver, our skilled Uber and Lyft accident and injury lawyers can help you pursue the proper party — or combination of parties — for your full financial recovery. Contact our personal injury attorneys today to learn more.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Rideshare Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities?

When our clients are involved in a collision with a rideshare driver, or as a passenger using the services of a vehicle that is in a crash, there may be multiple people who are liable for the crash.

They may include:

  • A negligent rideshare driver
  • Another negligent motorist
  • Third-party pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, car, truck, or SUV operators

The complex issue in these cases is which insurance coverage is going to pay for the injured party’s damages.

The answer is, it depends.

When the rideshare driver is behind the wheel of their vehicle, without the rideshare app enabled, he or she is legally viewed as any other driver whose personal insurance policy applies to all damages caused in an accident.

For liability purposes, all drivers must carry the minimum required insurance coverage outlined by Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which includes:

  • $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which pays for injuries sustained in an accident regardless of who was at fault in the crash.
  • $10,000 in Property Damage Liability (PDL), which pays for the damage to other people’s property.

The rideshare company carries limited liability.

Next, the rideshare company carries limited liability when rideshare drivers have their Uber, Lyft, or other corporate apps enabled but have yet to accept a ride request.

The rideshare company’s insurance policy may apply after an accident up to the $1 million coverage limit when a rideshare driver accepts a ride request but has yet to pick up the passenger or has passengers inside the vehicle. In these instances, the driver is officially employed by the rideshare company.

How Can I Prove the Rideshare Company’s Insurance Policy Applies to My Personal Injury Claim?

Our skilled Tampa rideshare accident attorneys understand that proving who was responsible for the crash is complex, but that is why we are here.

When passengers request a ride through the Uber or Lyft apps, there is a record of their trip, the driver’s details, and even a map that follows the driver’s route. If you are involved in an accident as a rideshare passenger, and your injuries allow, take screenshots of all the pertinent driver and travel details in case it is removed from the company later. That way, we all have access to the time, date, and details to help support your personal injury claim.

This, too, applies to injured rideshare drivers who are injured by another motorist’s negligence.

We will outline each of the details that apply to your rideshare accident claim, so we can pursue each liable party and their insurance coverage for your full financial recovery.

You do not have to take on Uber, Lyft, their insurance providers, or corporate attorneys alone. That is why we are here. To help ensure your rideshare accident case is taken seriously by the liable parties, so you can pursue the compensation you deserve.

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