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Earthquake Damage Claims

The terror of an earthquake shattering your Tennesse home’s peace and security is a reality many homeowners face. The aftermath can be even more distressing—property damage, displacement, and the looming burden of repair costs are not only disheartening but also overwhelming.

You don’t have to navigate these turbulent waters alone. The Morgan Law Group, experts in Tennessee earthquake damage claims, can turn your crisis into a solution, guiding you from the distress of disaster to the path of recovery.

Coverage of Tennessee Earthquake Damage Insurance

In the state of Tennessee, coverage for earthquake damage claims is not typically included in standard homeowner’s insurance policies. This kind of coverage is considered a special, optional endorsement that a homeowner may add to their existing policy if they feel the need to be protected against potential earthquake damage.

The specifics of the coverage can depend on several factors, such as the homeowner’s location, the home’s construction type, and the insurance company’s guidelines. Some companies may offer comprehensive coverage that includes dwelling protection, which covers damage to the home itself, and personal property protection, which covers damage to belongings within the home. Additional living expenses, which cover costs incurred if you’re forced to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired or rebuilt, may also be included.

However, it’s important to understand the deductibles associated with this kind of coverage. Unlike standard insurance policies where the deductible is a fixed amount, earthquake insurance deductibles are usually a percentage of the policy limits, typically ranging from 10% to 20%. This means if your home is insured for $200,000 and you have a 15% deductible, you’ll have to pay the first $30,000 out of pocket before your insurance kicks in.

What Constitutes a Tennessee Earthquake Damage Claim?

In the aftermath of an earthquake, a homeowner may be filing Tennessee earthquake damage claims if they have suffered damages to their property due to the event. A successful claim typically includes damage caused directly by the violent shaking of the earth, which could result in structural damage to the building’s interior and exterior walls, foundation, or personal property inside the home.

Damages that could be included in a claim may range from cracked walls, collapsed ceilings, or shifted foundations to broken dishes, damaged electronics, and ruined furniture. Depending on the policy, additional living expenses might be covered if the home is uninhabitable due to earthquake damage.

It’s important to note that some types of damages are generally not covered even under earthquake insurance. This can include damage to vehicles, land (such as landscaping, wells, or septic systems), or any external structures like fences or sheds. Moreover, damages due to flooding, even if caused by an earthquake, might not be covered as they typically require separate flood insurance.

Remember, while the specifics can vary from policy to policy, a Tennessee earthquake damage claim fundamentally seeks compensation for damages directly caused by the seismic event. Always review your policy details or consult with a professional, like a Tennessee earthquake damage claim attorney, to understand your coverage fully.

How to File an Earthquake Damage Claim in TN

The process of filing an earthquake damage claim in Tennessee can be complex, requiring thorough documentation and strict adherence to deadlines. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate it:

  1. Document the Damage
    As soon as it’s safe to do so, take detailed photographs and videos of all visible damage caused by the earthquake. This includes both external structural damages, such as cracks in the foundation or exterior walls, and internal damages, such as broken windows or damaged personal property.
  2. Contact Your Insurance Company
    Notify your insurance company about the damage as soon as possible. It’s essential to do this quickly, as most insurance policies require prompt reporting. When contacting your insurer, you should have your policy number and details of the damage at hand.
  3. Fill Out the Claim Forms
    Your insurance company will send you the necessary claim forms. Fill these out as thoroughly and accurately as possible. An incomplete or inaccurate claim form can delay the processing of your claim or even result in denial.
  4. Cooperate With the Adjuster
    Your insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage. Cooperate fully with them, providing access to all damaged areas and any documentation they may request.
  5. Follow Up
    Keep a close eye on your claim. Don’t hesitate to follow up with your insurance company if you don’t hear back within the expected timeframe.

Having a Tennessee earthquake damage claim law firm like The Morgan Law Group by your side can significantly simplify this process, ensuring you file your claim correctly and efficiently.

Having a Tennessee Earthquake Damage Claim Attorney

The process of filing an earthquake damage claim can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake.

Insurance companies often aim to minimize their payouts. Having a lawyer on your side can ensure you’re not taken advantage of, and that you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

If your claim is denied or if there’s a dispute about the amount of compensation, having a lawyer can be invaluable. They can help appeal the decision and, if necessary, litigate the case.

Choosing the right attorney to handle your earthquake damage claim is crucial. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Experience and Expertise
    Look for an attorney who specializes in earthquake damage claims and has a proven track record in the field. This kind of expertise can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim.
  2. Reputation
    A law firm’s reputation can tell you a lot about the kind of service you can expect. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  3. Client Service
    The process of filing a claim can be stressful, so it’s essential to choose a law firm that provides excellent client service. You want someone who will be there to answer your questions, keep you updated, and support you throughout the process.

The Morgan Law Group ticks all these boxes, offering comprehensive services, extensive experience, and a commitment to client satisfaction. reach out to use today and let us guide you through your Tennessee earthquake damage claim.