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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys know — with very few exceptions — our state’s workforce is covered by their company’s insurance benefits if or when they get hurt at work.

Before they are covered, however, Florida’s workers’ compensation insurance providers require that an injury be “work-related” — or otherwise tied to a job-related purpose — for an employee to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are in a car accident while driving or riding in a vehicle for work-related reasons away from your workplace, you might also be covered by workers’ compensation.

The determination of whether a car accident injury is sufficiently work-related for workers’ compensation purposes is going to come down to significant facts.

Here is what Florida workers need to know about this seemingly grey area.

When is a Florida Vehicle Accident Considered “Work Related?”

Although not an exhaustive list, Florida workers may be considered “on the job” when they are involved in vehicle collisions while:

  • Transporting another employee or a client
  • Making work-related deliveries
  • Running an errand for a boss or employer
  • Traveling for work
  • Driving as a profession

Workers’ compensation benefits DO NOT apply when an employee is commuting to or from work, unless they are acting on behalf of their employer during a certain period of travel when the crash occurred, or if he or she is an independent contractor.

Can I Pursue Damages Directly from the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Coverage Instead of Workers’ Compensation?

The short answer is, yes. If a negligent driver hit your vehicle, causing injuries, our skilled auto accident and injury attorneys in Florida may pursue your claim during a personal injury case.

The benefits you receive from workers’ compensation may differ from those we can pursue during a Florida personal injury claim, so be sure to speak with one of our skilled attorneys at Morgan Law Group today to learn more about your complete legal rights and options.

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