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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys know that getting hurt on the job can change our clients’ lives.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance is required for all Florida businesses with four or more employees, unless the business is in the construction industry. Construction businesses must have coverage for every employee.

When employees are hurt at work, workers’ comp provides medical coverage and supplemental financial support for lost wages until they are permitted to go back to work at their previous capacity or have reached maximum medical improvement.

While Florida workers’ compensation laws and benefits are clearly outlined, the insurance companies may still deny your claim.

If your claim has been denied, our skilled Florida workers’ compensation lawyers can help you file an appeal, so you can pursue the benefits to which you are entitled.

What are the Most Common Reasons Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims are Denied?

Since workers’ compensation claims are paid by the employer’s insurance coverage, it is common for the insurance company to review all claims before approving benefit payments.

Unfortunately, insurance companies review all workers’ compensation claims with scrutiny, searching for ways to minimize their exposure and avoid paying the full benefits the employee may be entitled to.

The most common reasons for Florida workers’ compensation claim denials may include:

  • Incomplete application
  • Missed filing deadline
  • The employer disputes the claim
  • The injury did not happen at work
  • Discrepancies between the documented injuries and accident report
  • The injured person did not pursue medical treatment
  • The medical provider was not on the certified list of providers
  • The injury is not severe enough to require the payment of benefits

If the insurance company denied your workers’ compensation claim, you will have received one or more correspondence that lists the reason(s) why.

In some cases, the denial may be based on an easy-to-fix clerical error. In other cases, the insurance company may provide a confusing response, leaving the injured worker unsure of how to proceed.

We can help.

How Can Morgan Law Group Help After My Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Has Been Denied?

A denied workers’ compensation claim can deal a significant blow to any injured worker’s ability to get the medical care and compensation benefits they need to get their lives back on track — and get back to work.

Our Florida personal injury attorneys can pursue the best legal action for your claim by negotiating directly with the insurance company to resolve all issues that led to the denial.

If a remedy cannot be accomplished by working directly with the insurance company, our skilled attorneys will file a formal appeal or file a proceeding with a direct appeal with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.

We will present the necessary evidence regarding the injury, how it occurred at work and all the ways it has affected your daily activities – and ability to work – to the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims.

If you have been hurt at work and have had your initial Florida workers’ compensation claim denied, we can help you build a compelling case for an appeal, so you can obtain the benefits you need to fully recover.

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