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Damage Costs to Further Rise as More Storms Sweep

Rain has pounded California for months — and weather officials are warning residents that more is on the way. The countdown is on for the heavy downpours that are expected in Southern California, and many are already in prep mode as the region will likely see flooding, strong winds, and snow in the mountains.

Storm after storm has saturated California from end-to-end this winter, leaving residents to cope with major flooding, widespread power outages, landslides, fallen trees, and road closures. As rescue crews work to keep up with the flash flooding damage, and keep communities safe, the Pacific storms, known as atmospheric rivers, are estimated to have caused $31 billion to $34 billion of economic impacts, according to Bloomberg News.

Prevent Further Damage and Stay Safe During the Ongoing California Storms

According to officials, a substantial portion of the damage to homes and businesses occurred as a result of mudslides and landslides as well as water damage caused by serious flooding.

To help prepare for what is to come, California residents should:

  • Know the type of flood risk in their areas, by visiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center or the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services My Hazards website and learn steps to reduce personal risk.
  • Monitor the weather for forecasted heavy rainfall and other dangerous conditions.
  • Create an emergency plan for your home and family that includes home evacuation routes, locations of utility shutoffs, and how family members will contact or reconnect with if separated.
  • Make a disaster supply kit that includes enough food, water, and medications that could last for at least 10 days.
  • Create and a business preparedness plan for your company, if applicable.
  • Consider temporary measures to prevent flooding, including adding sandbags around your property, and permanent measures that may include landscaping, channels, and deflection walls to keep water away from your home or business.
  • Keep important documents in waterproof containers or sealed bags and create password-protected digital copies.
  • Purchase and store materials for protecting your home in a location away from potential flooding, including sandbags, plywood, lumber, and plastic sheeting to mitigate further damage to the property before your insurance provider can assess the damage. Due to the widespread nature of the storms and the resulting damage, many insurance professionals may be overwhelmed. However, insurers will expect policyholders to use preventive measures to keep further damage from occurring.
  • Review your insurance coverage, so you are prepared to pursue a claim once the storms have passed, and the damage can be fully assessed.

Contact Our California Storm Damage and Insurance Claims Specialists for Help

As the storms continue, a full assessment of the statewide damage may not be known for some time. At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys encourage home, condo, business, and other property owners to seek help from our California storm damage specialists to understand their coverage details and pursue the outcome they deserve from their insurance policies.

Contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys for help online or by calling 888-904-2524 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you assess your storm damage accurately.