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At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Puerto Rico insurance claims attorneys know just how devastating Hurricane Ida’s landfall has been for our fellow residents in the Bayou State.

When Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, August 29, 2021, she was a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that became the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to make landfall in the state since Hurricane Katrina.

Louisiana home, condo, and business owners were among more than one million people who were left without electrical power after the storm while dealing with widespread and heavy infrastructural damage throughout the southeastern portion of the state and extremely heavy flooding in coastal areas.

All told, Ida was the fourth-costliest Atlantic hurricane in the United States, has caused at least $75.25 billion in damages with at least $18 billion in insured losses in Louisiana.

At The Morgan Law Group, our skilled insurance claims attorneys understand that not all insurance companies responded to our Louisiana clients’ damages with the financial recovery they need to get their property back to where it was before a hurricane change their lives.

If this is true for you, nearly five months after Hurricane Ida made landfall, we want to help.

Evaluate and Report Your Complete Losses to the Insurance Company

Many homes, condos, and businesses suffered Hurricane Ida damage that required their owners to evaluate and report to the insurance company, so they are not left paying for the extensive repair or replacement costs out of pocket.

If you are filing a Hurricane Ida insurance claim, here are a few tips to successfully pursue the proper outcome:

  • Evaluate your complete losses by documenting and taking pictures of all the damage that occurred on your property
  • Immediately report all losses to the insurance company, and be sure your policy number, contact information, complete damage, and details about all or parts of your property that cannot be inhabited or used because of the damage

While the insurance company processes your claim, you may need to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage. If so, keep a record and receipts from the materials you purchased, or work orders that were required to make your property safe, so you can include them in your claim for reimbursement.

Although the insurance company has up to 30 days to pay your claim after you give them satisfactory proof of loss, the totality of the damages that occurred in the southern states has caused significant delays in the process.

If you have received a response from your insurance company, and believe they presented an unfair settlement amount, you do not have to accept it. If their offer does not cover your complete damages, do not sign anything.

Contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys for help instead.

Get the Legal Help You Need to Counter the Insurance Company’s Delay, Undervalued Response, or Claim Denial

Months after Hurricane Ida has passed, many Louisiana residents are still waiting for their insurance companies to acknowledge their complete damages and provide the financial recovery their policy is designed to cover.

If your coverage provider is not holding up their end of your insurance policy, we can help.

Even if you have already received an undervalued response or an outright denial for your Hurricane Ida insurance claim our skilled insurance claims attorneys will:

  • Analyze your insurance policy and outline your coverage
  • Inspect and estimate your complete damages
  • File an insurance claim with your coverage provider, even if it requires an appeal
  • Negotiate your claim to pursue a fair and just outcome for your financial recovery needs

Should negotiations break down with the insurance company, we will litigate your insurance claim inside the courtroom.

Plan for Future Hurricanes

Hurricanes provide a hard lesson for everyone in their paths.

However, being prepared can help you, your family, and your community stay safer during hurricane season, starting with creating an emergency plan and signing up for official alerts.


If you are still waiting for your insurance company to provide the financial recovery you are entitled to from Hurricane Ida, contact our experienced hurricane insurance claims attorneys in Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico at 305-569-9900 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you pursue the outcome you deserve from your insurance policy.