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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys know that work accidents can turn our clients’ lives upside down.

Not only do work injury victims require medical care, but they are often away from work for an extended period, which can interrupt their ability to provide for their families.

Unfortunately, if the workers’ compensation claim process is not strictly followed, their access to medical care and compensation may be disrupted, causing stress and anxiety that complicates their overall wellness.

The first step in pursuing a successful workers’ compensation claim in Florida is notifying the employer that an injury occurred.

Here is what Florida workers need to know.

When Should I Report a Florida Work Injury to My Employer?

Florida workers’ compensation law requires an injured worker to report the accident to their employer within 30 days of its occurrence.

If the injury is the result of occupational exposure, the worker has 90 days to report it.

When workers fail to report their work accident and injury to their employer in the mandated timeframe, the employer can — and most likely will — deny the claim, stating “late notice” was given (or not given at all).

The best course of action is to report any work accident and injury immediately after it happens.

The longer you wait to report the incident, the more likely the details of your accident will start to become inconsistent, which may jeopardize your claim — and worsen your injuries.

Do Not Assume Your Employer Was Notified About Your Work Accident

If you have been injured at work, it is your responsibility to notify your employer.

Do not assume that the proper parties were notified simply because a work accident happened. Also, never task another employee with notifying the employer — unless it is to get immediate help.

To avoid a scenario where the employer denies the incident occurred, verbally report the accident with a witness present or report the accident in writing, so you have evidence to prove that you reported the injury timely.

What if My Florida Employer Refuses to Report the Accident and Injury to the Insurance Company?

A Florida employer must report a work accident within seven days, but they do not always follow the law.

If your employer is not cooperating or is mismanaging your claim, we can help you pursue a speedier outcome by submitting your claim directly.

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