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At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims attorneys know just how disastrous water damage can be in any sized home or condo.

Unfortunately, one of the common culprits of unsuspecting water damage can stem from shower pan leaks that can go months without showing signs there is a problem.

When this happens, damages can come in stages, including losses you can see, some you cannot, and those that may not surface until long after the shower pan has been repaired.

Here is a closer look at why it is important to identify a shower pan leak early.

Shower Pan Leaks Start by Causing Damage to Items You Can See

Shower pan leaks often leave signs in or around the bathroom — including inside the shower — in the form of mold or mildew. This is easily ignored with thoughts that it just might be time to clean the shower again.

Next, the outer part of the shower pan, typically around the floor or shower doors, may be wetter than you remember after showering, which can be easily brushed off as water escaping from within the enclosure.

Once rugs, tiles, caulk, or walls begin to show signs of damage from too much water escaping, the problem is typically deeper than over splashing and may be caused by a shower pan leak.

Unchecked Shower Pan Leaks Cause Damage to Parts of Your Home You Cannot See

If you have detected water damage in or around the shower pan, look for larger signs that the damage has spread.

  • If the bathroom is on the first floor, check the basement (if applicable) or under the foundation to inspect the area underneath the bathroom to check for soggy wood, stains, and leaks.
  • If the bathroom is on the second floor, check the ceiling in the room directly beneath the bathroom where the shower pan is leaking for signs of staining or dripping.

Unfortunately, some places where the damage will reveal itself may be harder to check than others, as there can be extensive water damage between floors, degraded drywall on the opposite side of the wall, or warped and rotted wood that can cause significant structural damage to the home.

Water Damage Can Turn Into Mold Damage

Neglecting water damage issues of any kind, especially shower pan leaks, can turn into mold damage, which is difficult and expensive to contain and eliminate.

After finding a shower pan leak, contact a professional plumber right away to ensure the damage is assessed properly before filing a claim with your insurance company.

If you would like to file an insurance claim with the help of our attorneys or are receiving resistance from your insurance company in the form of delays, undervalued responses, or even a denial from a claim you have already filed, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims lawyers at The Morgan Law Group to learn how we can help during a free consultation by calling 888-904-2524 today.