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Shower pans are popular drainage solutions for small and large tub-less showers in millions of households throughout the country.

These important fixtures effectively channel water into the shower drain and come in versatile options for every budget and bathroom size or design, including plastic, acrylic, and fiberglass to name a few.

While popular plumbing options, it quickly becomes apparent that if something goes wrong in the installation, during long-term use, or if the material or design is defective, shower pan leaks can cause significant damage in more than just the bathroom.

If you have noticed soggy carpeting or rugs, loose floor tiles near the shower, or water stains on baseboards or even the ceiling of the room below where your shower sits, you may have a shower pan leak.

Here are a few tips for getting the help you need to ensure your shower pan leak does not cause more damage than it potentially already has.

Quickly Assess the Overall Damage the Shower Pan Leak Has Caused

One of the main reasons shower pan leaks causes so much damage is that it often takes a while to see the signs that something is wrong.

Once a leak is identified, it is important to assess the overall damage in and around the shower itself, including any harm to the surrounding flooring or tile.

If the shower pan leak has been an ongoing problem, it may have negatively impacted the integrity of the wood or sheetrock beneath the shower, which is hard to identify without the help of a professional.

Whether you believe you have caught the leak early, or think there may be serious damage behind the scenes, contact experienced plumbing or construction professional to assess any potential water damage that could lead to dangerous issues in the future like mold damage or structural problems.

Partner with a Plumbing Professional to Ensure Proper Repair

If you find that your shower pan is leaking, stop using the shower until you can have the damage assessed by a professional.

Continuing to use the shower may result in even more damage, or even injury, should the shower pan shift or fall through the base during use.

If your shower pan was installed by a professional, contact the contractor whose services were used for the job, so they can assess where they went wrong and fix it as part of the initial agreement.

If you installed the shower pan yourself and have noticed it is leaking or has caused significant water damage, contacts an experienced professional to determine where the connection went wrong, so it can be fixed properly.

Identifying the complete damage caused by a shower leak as soon as you can is important to repairing the overall harm, so no further damage occurs and ensure it does not happen again.

Depending on the extent of the damage, it may require you to contact your home, condo, or business insurance company to explore your coverage options to help pay for the repairs.

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