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Last month, we talked about how researchers were predicting up to nine remaining hurricanes yet this year — with two to four expected to be major storms churning through the Atlantic.

As Hurricane Dorian approached the U.S. east coast, Florida narrowly escaped what could have been a second devastating storm to attack our state in a single year — since Hurricane Michael devastated the panhandle in October 2018.

As all Florida residents know, each of these close calls provides the opportunity to test our hurricane preparedness, so we are ready for what’s to come during the remainder of what’s forecasted to be a busy hurricane season.

One way to ensure you are prepared is to confirm your hurricane insurance coverage is intact, before it is too late. 

Review Your Florida Hurricane Insurance Policy Today

In July, we discussed how you can get the most out of your insurance coverage after suffering damage from a hurricane, and nothing will drive that important message home more than a near-miss like Hurricane Dorian.

While she brought storm surges, rain, and wind to some parts of Florida, Dorian did not wreak havoc on our communities like Hurricane Michael did less than a year ago. And while we are grateful that our residents were able to move forward without severe damage, we are still at the height of hurricane season and must remain prepared for the duration of the storms’ threats.

One important takeaway from Dorian’s passing is that there is still time to confirm that your insurance policy contains hurricane coverage, so you are not left paying for any damage you may suffer throughout the rest of the hurricane season on your own.

Your home and business owners’ insurance policies are designed to protect you from whatever personal and property damage may come. But it is up to you to determine exactly what that coverage includes before the worst-case scenario causes severe financial injury to your family’s well-being.

How Can The Morgan Law Group Help Outline My Insurance Coverage?

If you are unsure of exactly what your insurance covers, and would like to talk to our experienced hurricane Michael claims attorneys in Florida about your coverage, call our Florida lawyers today at (866) 590-6373 to schedule a consultation and determine if your insurance policy is lacking before it is too late.

If you are already feeling the stress of insurance claim underpayments, delays, or denials from Hurricane Michael, we can help you face the insurance company with confidence. At The Morgan Law Group P.A., if our insurance claims attorneys in Florida do not win your case, you do not pay our legal fees. That’s our promise to our clients and our community.