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As we enter peak hurricane season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on August 8, 2019 that researchers say we will see between five and nine hurricanes for the balance of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through November 30th. Between two and four of those hurricanes are expected to be major.

While the National Hurricane Center called the 2019 hurricane season “above normal,” Florida residents know there is never anything normal about being victimized by a hurricane — no matter how prepared they might be.

At The Morgan Law GroupP.A., our Florida insurance claims attorneys know just how devastating these storms can be. With up to nine hurricanes and 17 named storms predicted for the remainder of the 2019 hurricane season, it is important that our community remains informed about the potential dangers these storms pose to our homes, businesses, and families.

What Are The Most Common Types of Florida Hurricane Damage?

Powerful hurricanes, like Hurricane Michael, can cause long-term damage to not only our residents’ properties but also their overall quality of life, months — even years — after they have passed.

Severe flood and fire damage are more than immediate dangers that upcoming storms can bring, but persistent threats as federal funding and prolonged clean-up processes linger in limbo, long after past hurricanes have made landfall.

Strong winds, storm surges, tornadoes, and the dangerous debris each brings with it can destroy homes, businesses, and lives.

At The Morgan Law Group, our insurance claims attorneys want hurricane preparedness to be a top priority for our fellow Floridians, beginning with an assessment of their current home and business owner’s insurance policies.

What Should I Look For In My Insurance Policy To Ensure My Florida Home or Business Is Protected During Hurricane Season?

Insurance coverage is often overlooked, simply because most people believe that if they have a policy in place, it automatically covers all of their property. Unfortunately, that is not true.

In the State of Florida, our residents must be sure they are covered for specific damages: Does your current insurance policy contain precise coverage for hurricane damage? 

Our Florida insurance claims lawyers know that many people are taken by surprise when it comes time to file a claim for wind, hail, or flood damage, only to learn their policy does not cover those damages.

As peak hurricane season draws near, now is a great time to contact your insurance company or agent to review your insurance policy — either over the phone or in person.

You can never ask too many questions about your policy, and your coverage provider should provide honest and open answers to each of your questions. The more you know before a storm arrives, the better prepared you will be if your home, business, or other property suffers damage.

Throughout the storm season, be sure to keep track of your insurance policy, its account number, and a phone number where you can contact an agent regarding any damage that occurs after a damaging storm.

If you have questions about an unanswered, delayed, or denied claim you have filed with your insurance company, contact our experienced hurricane damage claims attorneys in Florida at The Morgan Law Group to get the answers you deserve by calling (866) 547-6881 today.