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Fire Damage

A fire is one of the most damaging events that can happen to your Louisiana home. Fries often happen suddenly and can spread in minutes, putting you and your property in danger. A sudden lightning strike, electrical issue, or an unattended stove can cause a fire to break out and cause wide-ranging and severe damage. Fire claims are a common issue insurance companies deal with and when you think of home insurance, providing repairs for fires is one of the first things most people associate with an insurance claim.

A fire damage claim can be an involved process and take a great deal of time to fully complete. Depending on the nature of the damage the fire causes, your home will be uninhabitable for months. Depending on the nature of your policy, your insurance company will assist with various losses fires can cause.

Fires cause over 11 billion dollars in losses every year. However, despite being a common type of insurance claim, not every insurance carrier provides the level of care and financial compensation you are rightly due. If your insurance company is not providing the service you deserve for your fire damage claim,  an insurance lawyer can help you.

The Damage a Fire Can Cause

When a fire breaks out, your first concern is, of course, the safety of your family. Once your family and pets are safe comes the question of what to do next. It is not an exaggeration to say fires can be devastating to your home and possessions. A fire causes several types of damage including not just direct burning but also smoke damage, soot damage, broken glass, melted internal materials, damage to your home’s wiring, damage to your HVAC system, water damage due to damage to your home’s pipes, long-term damage to other surfaces, and cause you to lose important records. In addition to the damage to your home, there are also your possessions to consider.

A fire can do all the above, listed damage to the things you own, and, in some cases, these items can be difficult if not impossible to completely replace. The amount of damage a fire causes can take a long time to calculate accurately. If your claims’ adjuster rushes the assessment of your total losses or only does a surface-level investigation, you may be paid far less than what you are rightly owed. An undervalued claim can leave you paying for repairs with your savings or other bank accounts. A fire claim is meant to make you whole and if what you are being offered is not doing so, a property insurance lawyer is here to help you.

Reasons To Hire An Insurance Attorney for Your Louisiana Fire Damage Claim

Not every fire damage insurance claim goes as smoothly as it should and this can be caused by either your adjuster or the insurance provider. During the claims process, there are signs you may need legal assistance to get the results you expect. Problems that indicate you should speak with an attorney can include the following.

  • Your insurance company made errors in calculating fire damage that reduced the total value of your claim.
  • Losses were not properly researched or accounted for.
  • Proper insurance claim methods such as documentation or record-keeping were not done.
  • A low settlement offer that is below the total fire damage losses.
  • The claim itself has not properly settled or come to a resolution for a long period, such as several months or over a year.

An insurance attorney can help you with these issues. When you hire legal representation you have someone on your side asking the important questions such as why you are not getting the money you are rightly owed, why the process has been delayed, and why you are not receiving payment for all your losses. As a policyholder, you have a contract with your insurance provider to provide support in cases of emergency such as a fire, and you have rights that have to be enforced. An attorney can negotiate with your insurance company and ensure you receive a fair settlement and a solution that you are comfortable with.

When You Need Legal Representation for Fire Damage In Louisiana

We help homeowners in Louisiana receive the settlements they are owed from their insurance providers. If your insurance company is undervaluing your fire damage claim or the claim itself seems to be going nowhere, The Morgan Law Group can provide the support you are looking for. We are experienced attorneys who have helped people just like you get the compensation they are owed. We have assisted people nationwide with fire claims, and we can help you too. If you need guidance with your fire insurance claim, reach out to us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your insurance claim.