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Hail Damage Claims

Hail damage can be a sudden and impactful event. Hail can cause a great deal of damage to your home and property in only a matter of minutes. In addition, hailstorms are often quite sudden, and it can be difficult to take any precautions before it’s too late, and the damage has been done. In Louisiana, storms are a common sight and a hail damage claim is a common report to many insurance companies in the state. While hail is frozen rain and ice, it can occur in a hotter southern climate and isn’t just a problem for the North and Midwest.

When filing an insurance claim for hail damage, an insurance claim lawyer can help you receive the settlement you are rightly due. Often, due to how common hail damage can be, an insurance company will deny or underpay a hail storm insurance claim. This is one of the key reasons you should hire an insurance claims lawyer if you feel your claim is undervalued or your claim was unfairly denied.

Ways Insurance Companies Underpay For Hail Claims

Insurance companies try to reduce expenses and that includes payouts for claims. The less an insurance company pays out in settlements, the better their bottom line. Hail claims are notable due to how frequently they occur and that there are common methods insurance companies use to reduce settlement amounts.

Some methods insurance companies use to deny or reduce hail claims include saying that the damage cannot be linked to a specific hail storm or that only repairs are needed instead of a full replacement. This could create issues in the future in cases such as a roof being damaged by hail and not getting a complete repair due to a lower settlement than you were fairly due. An insurance claims attorney can help you get the settlement you are owed, so you can make the proper repairs needed and avoid any future damage due to issues such as leaks.

Hail Damage Needs To Be Fully Addressed

Hail damage at first glance can appear minor. However, the type of damage hail causes can be expensive to fix and be more damaging than it first appears. Automobiles are often damaged by hail, and the damage caused can require paintwork and, in some cases, body repairs.

Your home’s roof may be the most vulnerable part of your property as it relates to hail damage. Roofs such as flat roofs, roofs with a low slope, or those that use various types of shingles can be at risk for severe damage if a bad hail storm passes through your area. This damage can go beyond surface damage and can damage your roof’s structural integrity and ability to properly block moisture from entering your home.

Knowing When To File a Claim

When a hail storm has passed through your area, it is important to record any damage and file a claim as soon as possible. As a policyholder, you have to meet defined criteria to have a claim be accepted by your insurance carrier and that includes filing your claim promptly. Depending on your policy, there may be a specifically defined time frame for filing a hail damage claim.

Typically, filing as soon as possible is advisable as this allows you to meet the requirements of your carrier and also reduces the ability of your insurance provider to argue that your damage was caused by something else.


With hail claims, many insurance providers list a specific deductible for hail damage claims. This should be listed on your policy documents. An attorney can help you with this figure if you are unsure of what it is or if your policy paperwork is complex. Generally, this deductible is based on a percentage of your overall coverage limit for your dwelling. Note, this can be adjusted if you want to make changes to your policy by contacting your insurance company.

When You Need Legal Assistance in Louisiana For a Hail Claim

At The Morgan Law Group, we are committed to providing all of your clients with the best in legal representation. We assist clients across the nation with legal representation concerning insurance claims. If you have hail damage in Louisiana, you deserve a fair settlement from your insurance provider to make any needed repairs to your property. You should never accept an insurance settlement that is too low for your appraised repair needs.

If your insurance provider is not offering a settlement that allows for full repairs or has denied your claim outright, we are here to help you. Reach out to the professionals at The Morgan Law Group today to receive advice on the best course of action for your specific needs.