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Roof Damage Claims

Home roofs have for years been designed to last for decades with very little maintenance. They are built with three primary factors: a support system to hold them up, a framework to keep the roof shape solid, and the outer layer that fends off the outside and the elements, otherwise known as the roof tiles. These assemblies hold up well until they don’t. However, roof damage isn’t all the same. Where some of it can be dramatic, such as a tree branch falling and smashing into a home, other damage happens over time, such as a roof leak and water penetration.

Ideally, a homeowner’s insurance is intended to help deal with roof damage when it becomes serious. Both repairs and outright roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars in work and materials. It’s not the kind of dollar amount a typical person has in a savings account, ready to cover. This is why insurance has become a regular necessity in modern life as a financial safety net. Unfortunately, what seems like reliable protection can sometimes instead turn into frustration.

Homeowners Can be Proactive With Miami Roof Damage

In Miami, FL and elsewhere, a homeowner doesn’t need to rely on a claim process alone as the only solution to roof damage that needs to be addressed. A homeowner, with the help of an expert legal team involved, can take steps to proactively push for a solution as well as response to roof damage that has already occurred and prevent further damage from growing or spreading. Roof damage is frequently addressed in both mitigation and repair, with mitigation being critical to help stop things from getting worse. With a rapid response pursued by a homeowner, mitigation can help stabilize a roof and protect it temporarily until a full repair is actually applied later on. This is common when there is a leak or water intrusion that needs to be stopped right away, but the bigger repair can take longer and may need coordination to line up the resources properly for a full restoration of the roof involved.

Homeowners should be flexible and open to multi-step repair responses, but it doesn’t hurt to also make sure things stay on track with a complete repair overall. It’s a combination of working with scheduling and repair availability as well as insisting on repair still being provided by associated coverage in a timely manner.

Roof Damage Shouldn’t Be Ignored

As mentioned earlier, while a roof can last for a long time with little active care, damage that does appear shouldn’t be ignored. Where there are small signs of deterioration, reacting to them quickly can frequently save hundreds to thousands of dollars later on with bigger repairs. However, even small damage can be expensive versus what a homeowner can afford out of pocket. So again, roof damage claims should go to a homeowners insurance provider first.

The above said, related claims are where providers tend to be penny-wise and pound foolish; to save on each claim where possible, smaller issues are pushed back and deemed unnecessary or insufficient for coverage. The identified roof damage problems then end up getting worse and more expensive with time without additional pressure, usually with legal assistance.

Getting Results When Insurance Won’t Help

If you’re finding yourself in a situation where you know you have roof repairs that need to be applied, and they are valid per your Miami homeowners’ insurance policy and what you expected should have been covered, then it’s time to bring in help from an insurance claim lawyer. Providers lean heavily on bureaucracy and delay until they are legally required to respond. An insurance lawyer can speed up that process by forcing a provider through the legal process to respond timely. Ultimately, an insurance company’s goal to contain cost works against it; a lawsuit can end up being far more expensive than any savings holding out. So, then the insurance company switches and tries to settle the matter before it grows more costly with a trial risk.

Protect Your Miami Home – Partner with an Insurance Attorney

Too often people in Miami get caught up in the ethics of matters, and they spend a lot of energy being frustrated by things not being “fair.” Instead, that energy should be placed in the hands of a legal advocate trained to navigate the technical legalese of insurance policies and invalid denial of coverage. This approach instead focuses on the case at hand, the rights the specific homeowner has and making sure they are followed through. Most importantly, it gets results in regard to repairing a Miami roof before the home is lost. Don’t be another statistic that was turned away with another initial claim denial. Push back and actively use the help you paid for with your coverage.