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Fire Damage

According to fire risk factors, 30% of all residents living in Orlando, FL will have some risk of being affected by wildfire over the coming years. Many experts attribute this increase in natural fires to Florida’s changing weather patterns such as lower humidity and stronger electrical storms. And when you factor in the fact that Orlando, FL is located in what is known as a wildland/urban interface (WUI) – you begin to understand the importance of knowing when and how to file a fire damage claim.

A wildland/urban interface area is unique to coastal states like Florida, which consists of natural vegetation intermixed with residential land. This combination of topography can be especially challenging for firefighters and their efforts to minimize the immediate risk to life and property during wildfire season due to Orlando being a major metropolis and tourist destination.

Fire claims are becoming more and more common in Orlando, FL with the mix of urban lifestyles and changing weather patterns increasing each decade. Still, most commercial and residential damage is often attributed to human behaviors and accidental causes. Knowing what to look for when filing a fire claim to your insurance company can make a huge difference in how well your family recovers from either a devastating fire event or smoke and heat damage due to wildfires.

Top Fire Damage Claims in Orlando, FL

Damage caused by fires is mostly visible, destroying property and beloved treasures, along with the possible harm to human health, wildlife, and vegetation. There is also the hidden or emotional toll on families and communities when lives are uprooted and households are left with the stress of a disruptive life event and unexpected financial losses.

To reduce the loss suffered by your family or business, along with the time it takes to rebuild your life, it is critical to be prepared to file a fire damage claim immediately after any of the following events that have caused smoke, heat, or water damage and requires fire restoration.

  • Malfunctioning appliances or home systems
  • Unattended candles, grilles, or fireplace
  • Cigarettes not properly extinguished
  • Lightening or electrical fires
  • Wildfires spreading from dry vegetation
  • Improperly stored chemicals
  • Arson or other intentional acts
  • Commercial cooking or heating equipment

When you experience a fire that consumes your home or business, navigating the fire insurance claim process can seem overwhelming. For this reason, it is critical to choose a law firm that is experienced in fire claims in the state of Florida because there are specific challenges and complexities to identifying fire damage that will result in the most successful fire damage restoration process.

3 Types of Fire Damage

Property owners should understand that fire damage can be claimed for 3 types of destruction. That is damage caused by flames, damage caused by smoke, and damage caused by the water or other substances used to extinguish the fire. Depending on the material, each of these forms of damage can totally destroy a structure and furnishings.

Many modern materials, especially plastics, result in a wet soot that is generated at relatively low heat, but has a strong, even toxic odor and leaves a sticky residue that is difficult to remove. Natural materials like wood and paper burn at higher temperatures but tend to produce a dry, powdery soot. While this type of soot is easier to clean, the smell may linger long after the cleanup.

Other products like food, cleaning products, and textiles will each leave a yellowish-brown type of residue that is often thick and greasy. Looking for these signs of wet, dry, and protein-based soot can make your fire damage assessment easier and filing a claim smoother.

How to Assess Fire Damage

Most fires leave very obvious damage by charring surfaces or totally destroying property. But, not every item in a fire damage claim has to be a total loss of property. Even a small kitchen fire that is successfully contained can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Here is a list of tell-tale signs that an item or a part of your building or home has been directly or indirectly damaged by fire.

  • Any part of the structure or contents that are charred
  • Water damage including water stains, wet carpet, etc.
  • Non-working appliances due to electrical or other damage
  • A pervasive smell of smoke in clothing and furnishings
  • Melted equipment or items stained by water or smoke
  • Compromised or wet insulation, especially in attics
  • Structural damage to support beams or walls
  • Sagging floors or ceilings due to water ponding
  • Plastic pipes or wiring that has melted

Fire damage in just one room can affect other parts of your home, so perform a careful inspection to identify anything with soot residue, water damage, a smoky odor, or charred remains.

Get the Help of an Orlando Fire Damage Claim Attorney

Filing a fire claim in Orlando, FL may require the assistance of a fire insurance claim attorney to make sure you don’t miss the critical steps needed for a full recovery, both financially and personally. A fire damage attorney can help you navigate the insurance claims process with confidence knowing you will receive the full compensation needed to restore your property.