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Hail Damage Claims

Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t the only causes of significant property damage in the Orlando area. Other storms can bring hail when conditions are right. These ice pellets drop onto roofs, causing dents and other kinds of damage. The size and frequency of hail during these storms affects how severe the damage ends up being. If your Orlando home has been hit by hail, the insurance claims lawyers at The Morgan Law Group can help.

Hail Damage Claims and Homeowners Insurance Laws in Orlando

Being familiar with insurance laws is important when you need to file a home insurance claim for hail . The following offers a brief overview of some of the factors that may affect your claim. An experienced property insurance lawyer can help you better understand these laws and how they apply to your claim.

Burden of Proof

When filing a claim after a hail storm, homeowners need to provide proof of this damage. In order to do this, you’ll need detailed documents, including repair costs, photos and videos of damage, and replacement costs. You may also need to gather evidence showing that hail was the cause of the damage, such as weather reports.

Deadlines for Filing Claims

As a policyholder, you must file an insurance claim for hail effects within a specific timeframe. Waiting too long puts you at risk of missing this deadline, which is set by law. If this happens, your insurance company might deny your claim. An insurance attorney in Orlando can make sure that you file your claim within the set time limit.

Policyholder Rights

If your claim for hail damage is denied, you have the right to find out why this happened. You also have a right to dispute a denied claim. An insurance claims lawyer can help you navigate this process through litigation or other means if needed.

Cost to Replace vs. Actual Cash Value

Knowing these costs can help you determine if you are receiving a fair amount for your claim. This involves being familiar with depreciation, which is factored into actual cash value. The cost to replace damaged property does not include depreciation.

Does Homeowners Insurance Include Hail Damage?

For homeowners in Orlando, hail is usually included in homeowner’s insurance policies. Having hail as a covered peril means you can file a claim if your home sustains damage from this type of weather. Keep in mind that insurance policies can vary widely, though, so it’s important to go over your insurance coverage in detail. Some may not include hail as a covered peril.

Types of Hail Damage

The specific kinds of hail damage that are included in homeowner’s insurance policies can vary. The following are a few different types that might be in your policy. However, you will need to check your coverage for specific details on what is included when filing a claim.

Personal Items

Some insurance policies cover personal items or belongings that are damaged inside the home due to hail. For example, items might become damaged if hail breaks a window.

Window and Siding Damage

Siding and windows are vulnerable areas that can end up damaged during hail storms. Large pieces of hail can break windows or cause dents or cracks in the siding. Many policies include siding and window damage, but always check yours before filing a claim.

Roof Damage

Hail damage most often affects roofs. Insurance policies usually include coverage for roof replacement or repairs due to hail. This can vary based on different factors, such as how old your roof is.

Preparing Hail Insurance Claims in Orlando

To receive a fair settlement, you will need to thoroughly prepare an insurance claim for hail. This involves the following steps.

Document Hail Damage

Take high-quality photos and videos of exterior and interior hail damage. Aim to take photos and videos that show the severity of the damage and how extensive it is.

Look Over Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Review your homeowner’s insurance coverage as it pertains to hail damage. Check for the types of damage included and make sure your policy does include hail as a covered peril.

Gather Documentation

Keep all receipts and other relevant documentation organized when filing your claim. This should also include additional living expenses if you have to stay somewhere else until hail damage is repaired.

Contact Your Homeowners Insurance Company Right Away

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as you can. This helps you start the process within the allowed timeframe.

Should You Hire a Hail Insurance Lawyer in Orlando?

Filing a claim for hail damage can be a complicated process. The insurance claim lawyers at The Morgan Law Group can guide you through the claims process. Please contact us to get a free consultation about hail damage claims for your home.