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Storm Damage Claims

Pensacola, FL, is known for its beauty and tourist attractions in the Sunshine State. While the area is a popular part of the country for residents and visitors, it’s no stranger to severe weather. Locals should know how to prepare for any unexpected circumstances, how to file a claim for storm damage, and how to get help from a property insurance lawyer. Let’s review the detailed process of what to expect should you have storm damage to your property in the Pensacola area.

How to Prepare For A Storm In Pensacola

The most common types of severe weather in Pensacola, FL, are tropical storms and hurricanes. These severe weather events can lead to a lot of flooding, wind damage, and power outages. To prepare for these types of events, residents should take the following steps:

  1. Have an Emergency Plan: Are you prepared if there is a hurricane imminent? When severe weather strikes, you might only have a few minutes to make a decision that affects the safety of your family.
  2. Stock Up on Supplies: Most Florida residents know they should always have a backup of necessary supplies. Some examples include gallons of water, batteries, and plenty of non-perishable food.
  3. Secure Your Property: Do you know how to secure your property from the devastating power of tropical storms or hurricanes? Many homeowners already have invested in hurricane windows or shutters, along with knowing how to use sandbags to redirect debris and rainwater.
  4. Document Your Property: Take photos or videos of your property before the storm hits as proof of its condition before any potential damage. This can help your insurance attorneys with the claim process.

Filing A Claim In Pensacola After A Storm

It’s undoubtedly a stressful event following a storm, but there are certain steps you should take in the claims process. It’s also a good idea to call a home insurance lawyer if you don’t know where to begin. First, safety is always the main priority. Never try to navigate areas of your home alone that appear unsafe for your family. Next, you’ll want to ensure you’ve taken some photographs of damage for documentation.

Next, it’s imperative to contact your insurance company promptly. You’ll want to be as detailed as possible because this will help determine how much compensation you’ll receive for the damages. It’s also recommended to keep a record of all communication with your insurance company, including phone calls and emails. After contacting your insurer, try to salvage what you can without putting yourself in harm’s way. Carefully move undamaged items to a safe place to prevent further loss or damage.

You’ll then file a claim and have an adjuster arrive to validate your damages. When an adjuster from the insurance company arrives at your property, ensure they thoroughly inspect all the areas affected by the storm. Don’t feel rushed during this process – every bit of damage must be accounted for. A settlement offer comes, and then you have the right to dispute it. You can seek the help of a property insurance lawyer for this.

Benefits Of Having A Storm Damage Lawyer In Pensacola

There’s enough to deal with after a hurricane or storm, and having the right set of insurance attorneys in Pensacola can make all the difference. If you have an insurance company that either denied your claim or tried to compensate you, here are a few reasons why hiring a home insurance lawyer can help.

  1. Insurance attorneys understand the law: There are many complexities a home insurance lawyer has to understand and implement. They have the knowledge to help give you the upper hand.
  2. Higher chance for better compensation: Nobody wants to get paid unfairly following major damage to their homes. All aspects will be considered, and you’ll get what you’re entitled to.
  3. Assist your claim: It’s not uncommon for Pensacola residents to be unfamiliar with the claims process. Insurance attorneys can help the process be smoother without any unexpected hiccups along the way.
  4. Confidence in a trusted professional: Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Having someone who understands how to get you fairly compensated for storm damage is a must. You can’t place a price tag on your peace of mind or happiness.

Connect with a Florida Storm Damage Attorney

In Florida, you should always be prepared for unforeseen forces of Mother Nature like tropical storms or hurricanes. A home insurance lawyer can be a lifesaver if you need help filing claims, get denied, or feel unfairly compensated for damages. At The Morgan Law Group, we help our clients when they need to hire an insurance lawyer they can trust. Our team has your best interest in mind.