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Tropical Storm Damage Claims

Since 2000, Pensacola has had over a dozen tropical storms hit the area. During some years, multiple tropical storms have passed through this Florida Panhandle city. This makes it important for local homeowners to know how to file property insurance claims if storm damage occurs. The claims process for tropical storms can be challenging and complex. With a time limit on filing these claims, homeowners need to take action as soon as possible. Our insurance attorney team at The Morgan Law Group is here to help with tropical storm damage claims in the Pensacola area.

Steps for Filing a Tropical Storm Damage Claim in Pensacola

After a tropical storm passes through, getting the claims process started is essential. Under state law, you have a certain amount of time to file a claim for tropical storm damage. Beyond that window, your risk of having your claim denied may increase. These are the steps to take when filing a home insurance claim in Pensacola.

Take Photos and Videos of Storm Damage

Having proof of tropical storm damage is crucial for your claim. Document interior and exterior damage with photos and videos. Make sure these show the extent and severity of damage.

Contact Your Insurer

Call your homeowners’ insurance company as soon as you can to let them know that your home has tropical storm damage. Explain the kinds of damage and the date it happened. This helps initiate the claims process.

Keep Detailed Records and Documentation

Put all receipts, paperwork, and other documents related to storm damage in one place. Keep records of correspondence you have with your insurance company, such as when you talked to them and who you talked to. You may need these records if you run into any problems with your claim.

Prevent Additional Damage

Putting a tarp on your roof or taking other steps to minimize additional damage is important. Tropical storm damage from wind and rain can cause significant structural damage or other kinds of damage. Hold on to invoices for any repairs that are needed right away to stop further damage from happening.

Schedule Professional Property Damage Assessments

Have professional engineers, contractors, or other experts come to your home to assess the damage and give you estimates on the cost of repairs. This information can provide support for your insurance claim.

Submit Your Claim

This involves completing all claim forms from your insurer and providing requested documents, such as invoices, receipts, and photo evidence. You must fill out these forms correctly and accurately to lower the risk of having your claim denied.

Meet with an Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance company will most likely have an adjuster visit your home to evaluate tropical storm damage. You might need to give them more information on the damage as part of the claims process.

Look Over Your Settlement Offer

Review the offer you receive from your insurer. Without help from a property insurance lawyer in Pensacola, you might not know if you are getting a fair settlement. An attorney can help you determine the amount you should be receiving for tropical storm damage.

Reasons to Hire a Tropical Storm Damage Attorney in Pensacola

Your insurance company might not provide a fair offer, or they might deny your claim. Having an insurance claim lawyer on your side puts you in a better position to have your claim accepted and receive a fair settlement. Working with these attorneys offers the following benefits.

Home Insurance Claims Expertise

You’ll have an expert to guide you through the entire process of submitting a claim for tropical storm damage. Insurance attorneys know all about the laws and regulations that are relevant to your claim.

Guidance with the Claims Process

A tropical storm damage attorney in Pensacola can make sure your claim forms are thoroughly filled out. They can also check to see if you have included all of the required documentation. This guidance helps you avoid delays, so that you submit your claim in the allowed timeframe.

Negotiations with Insurance Company

If your insurance company undervalues damage to your home, a property insurance lawyer can negotiate with them. If your claim is denied, your lawyer can pursue litigation or use other means to dispute this.

Filing a claim for tropical storm damage to your Pensacola home can help you save on the cost of repairs. To do that, you’ll need to navigate the claims process within a specified amount of time. You’ll also need to accurately fill out the right forms and provide all of the necessary documents and evidence. At The Morgan Law Group, our property insurance lawyers are ready to assist you. For a free consultation to go over the details of your situation, please contact us.