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Bumper Guard and Bull Bar Accident

Bumper Guard and Bull Bar Auto Accident Attorneys

Our auto accident attorneys know there are multiple types of negligence that lead to catastrophic vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities each day throughout our southern states.

Depending on the types of vehicles involved in the crash, and any after-market accessories they have added to their cars, trucks, and SUVs, the injuries may be even more severe.

The more popular additions often seen on larger vehicles, including Jeeps, pick-up trucks, and construction vehicles, are bumper guards and bull bars.

Most people make these additions to their vehicles to help increase the aesthetic value or provide additional safety during a crash. What they may not know is, they are inviting dangerous crash conditions inside the vehicle — where the driver and occupants become vulnerable to severe injuries.

Here is what injury victims need to know about being involved in a collision with a vehicle outfitted with grill or bumper guards, and bull bars.

What are Grill Guards, Bumper Guards, and Bull Bars?

Grill guards, bumper guards, and bull bars are large metal bars — or multiple bars — that are added to the front of a motor vehicle to protect the car, truck, or SUV’s front end during a collision.

Aptly named, the bull bar was designed to help trucks sustain the impact of colliding with cattle or other livestock in agricultural-dependent areas and rural ranching communities.

Now, bumper guards and bull bars can be seen in cities across the country, which can spell significant danger for those inside the outfitted vehicle, the other vehicles involved in the collision, and even bicyclists and pedestrians who are hit in a crash.

Why are Vehicles with Bumper Guards and Bull Bars Dangerous?

There are multiple reasons why bull bars are leading to significant accident injuries and fatalities across the nation.

When vehicles are outfitted with grill or bumper guards and bull bars:

  • The vehicle’s crumple zones become ineffective by transmitting crash energy directly to the body structure, causing injuries and death to the occupants.
  • They upset the vehicle’s sensors during a crash, interfering with the deployment of airbags.

Vehicle occupants are not the only victims who can be catastrophically injured or killed when they are involved in an accident with a car, truck, or SUV outfitted with a bull bar.

They are also extremely dangerous for motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists when an accident occurs because bull bars concentrate the entire force of the accident over a smaller area. This extreme force leads to more serious injuries, including pelvic fractures, spinal cord injuries, hemorrhage of internal organs, internal bleeding, and death.

If you have been involved in a collision with a vehicle containing a bumper guard, grill guard, or bull car, seek medical care immediately after the crash, and contact us today for help.

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