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Hurricane Dorian Claims

Peak hurricane season was ushered in by Hurricane Dorian, exposing residents to extremely dangerous conditions, with what the National Hurricane Center is calling life-threatening flash floods in parts of the southeastern U.S. coast.

When your home, business, or other property suffers damage from Hurricane Dorian, our insurance claims attorneys at the Morgan Law Group work tirelessly to ensure your policy provides the coverage you paid for.

When hurricanes strike and leave widespread damage in their wake, insurance companies hire third-party adjusters to evaluate the destruction. These adjusters work directly for the insurance company, which means they are protecting their employer’s interests as they assess your needs.

After a hurricane passes, the insurance companies must deploy hundreds of adjusters to keep up with demand. Many of these contractors do not have the experience necessary to fully assess the costs associated with the strong storm making landfall, which means your claim could fall well short of your actual financial needs. Our Hurricane Dorian damage claim attorney can help you pursue the best outcome available for your Hurricane Dorian damage.

Hurricane Dorian Can Lead To Long-Term Damage That Is Overlooked By Insurance Adjusters

At the Morgan Law Group, we focus on our clients’ overall successes, beginning by assessing their coverage, fully inspecting their damages, and forcing the insurance companies to pay the claims our clients deserve.

The immediate damage caused by hurricanes is overwhelming, but the long-term effects of Hurricane Dorian can lead to extensive property damage long after she has moved on.

The rain, wind, and downed trees associated with hurricanes are typically the start of long-term damage that can take the form in:

If your insurance company is unwilling to cover the complete costs from Hurricane Dorian’s damage — whether it is visible immediately or part of a delayed fallout, the Morgan Law Group wants to help you pursue the comprehensive financial recovery all policyholders deserve from their coverage.

Can The Insurance Company Legally Reject My Hurricane Dorian Claim?

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, which means that even when your policy explicitly states that you have hurricane coverage, the company will focus on minimizing its losses by diminishing, delaying, or even denying your claim.

Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure, and our Hurricane Dorian damage claim lawyers want to hold them to that legal standard when it comes time to pay for your Hurricane Dorian damages.

At the Morgan Law Group, P.A., our hurricane damage attorneys focus on the following practice areas for policyholder clients:

Insurance coverage is designed to protect your home, business, and property before, during, and after a hurricane, and when the insurance company falls short when providing the financial support you deserve, our Hurricane Dorian insurance claims attorneys will protect your rights while we pursue the best outcome available for your unique circumstances.

Do Not Face The Insurance Company Alone After Hurricane Dorian Damage

At the Morgan Law Group P.A., our Hurricane Dorian damage claims attorneys do more than protect our clients after their claim has been rejected. Our public adjusters will review your current insurance coverage, assess your overall damage, and fully manage your claim by submitting the completed paperwork directly to your insurance company, so there is no room for delays or rejections.

Our professional insurance claims attorneys want to help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve after Hurricane Dorian by providing the experienced representation you need to produce results.

We represent each of our clients on a no-recovery, no-fee basis, which means if we do not win your case against the insurance company, you do not pay any attorney fees.

Contact our Hurricane Dorian damage lawyers at the Morgan Law Group today to request a free consultation or call us at (305) 290-4928 to discuss your claim.