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Fire Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys in Santa Rosa Beach area of South Walton, Florida

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, a fire was started by an illegal burn in the Santa Rosa Beach area of South Walton, Florida. Within 48 hours, 33 homes were destroyed by the flames.

It was estimated 575 acres were burned, causing substantial damage to houses, cars, and property throughout the community was also reported, leaving scores of people seeking shelter and aid from the destruction.

While the Florida Department of Agriculture is investigating the fire and the damage, the Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson stated that charges are pending against the man who started the woodland fire.

What Areas Were Affected by the Fire?

The fire started on Musset Bayou Road before quickly spreading across U.S. Highway 98 due to high winds where it destroyed homes, cars, trees, and power lines along Thompson Road.

The destruction continue south, beyond the Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club, which also suffered damage.

Devastating Fire Damage and Insurance Claims

With more than three dozen residences destroyed by the South Walton fire, residents were forced from their homes, residing in temporary shelters, hotel rooms, and with friends, family, and supportive community members.

Not unlike hurricane or tornado damage, this type of devastation will require residents to be displaced for months before the insurance companies respond to their claims seeking financial recovery.

Most policyholders believe — and rightfully so — that if a fire, started by illegal activity or otherwise, destroys their home, car, or other property, the insurance policy they have paid for will cover the damages completely and without question.

Unfortunately, that may not be true.

If your property has been destroyed by the South Walton fire, you do not have to face the insurance company alone and simply hope for the best.

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Florida fire damage insurance claims attorneys will review your existing policy and outline your coverage, so you know exactly what you are entitled to financially and how quickly recovery should begin.

The more you know about your insurance policy and its coverage, the better equipped you will be to outline your total losses, which can include:

  • Home
  • Possessions and valuables
  • Cars, boats, or other vehicles
  • Garage, shed, or other outdoor structures, including landscaping
  • Living expenses, including temporary housing and replacement items

If it is possible, return to the scene of the fire, take photos of the damage, and make a list of items that were destroyed or need to be repaired.

Include the amounts you paid for your possessions and other items, and gather any records or receipts you can find to reinforce your claim.

Get additional estimates on any custom work, if necessary, as an insurance adjuster may not know how to properly value those assets.

Expenses Will Continue, Even After a Devastating Fire

One of the most difficult realities of surviving a devastating fire is that your financial obligations will continue.

You will still need to make mortgage payments, even if your home is destroyed.

You will still need to make car payments, even if your car is inoperable.

Your insurance company should cover the value of your assets and other covered property — including any outstanding balances — but you must continue to pay the bills associated with those commitments.

Finally, even if you are displeased with their response time or irritated by their actual response, it is important to continue paying your insurance coverage premiums, too.

Get the Fire Insurance Claims Help You Need Today from the Morgan Law Group

The last thing anyone in our South Walton community needs after surviving a devastating fire is having their insurance claim delayed, devalued, or denied outright.

You count on the insurance company to make you whole again. Don’t let them disappoint you.

Our Florida insurance claims attorneys can help pursue the best financial outcome available for your losses by reviewing your insurance policy and processing a complete claim on your behalf, so the insurance company knows you have an experienced legal representative by your side.

Contact us today at 888-904-2524 to learn more about our commitment to partnering with our Florida residents who have suffered losses to their homes, businesses, and properties and need help fighting back against the insurance companies. 

We are here to help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve.